The Balkan Peninsula is in the southeast of Europe. It is composed of twelve countries that are sometimes referred to as the Balkan States. These countries are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, and Turkey. Not many consider moving to these states, but there are good reasons why you should consider it.


Housing and Living Conditions

Whether you prefer to rent or buy your own home, the housing and living conditions in the Balkan countries are relatively exceptional compared to other places in Europe. Generally, there are residential areas and apartment buildings, with modern amenities located within or near the city centers. Macedonia and Kosovo offer cheaper prices when it comes to renting a studio or an apartment. These countries also offer the lowest rates in terms of charging for utilities. On the other hand, Slovenia property can either be rented, leased, or purchased at a cost that is more manageable compared to other countries in the Balkan Peninsula. Among the twelve countries, the most expensive real estate properties can be found in Croatia, Serbia, and Romania. Additionally, it is also in these countries where the price of the utilities is more expensive. Conversely, even if the accommodation is still relatively cheap in Montenegro and Albania, it may change soon because these countries are slowly rising as tourist destinations.

Modes of Transport

It is relatively easy to travel in any of the countries in the Balkan Peninsula. There are metro rails, buses, and taxis that serve as a form of public transportation. The intercity public transport in Albania, Macedonia, and Bulgaria can cost a little under a dollar and this is a good deal. Owning a car is also not that difficult in these countries, but it still holds true that Croatia and Romania offer more expensive prices.


There are several tourist destinations in the Balkan Peninsula and some offer the finest sceneries. The Bay of Kotor found in Montenegro, for instance, is an awesome landscape that seems like a painting brought to life. The Tara Canyon in the same country is equally as amazing. On the other hand, the Balkan Peninsula is home to several gems waiting to be explored and unraveled. There are also various monasteries, churches, and mosques spread throughout the Balkan Peninsula. Every country offers a distinct type of nightlife but there are several pubs and bars where you can enjoy a good drink. There are also several restaurants that offer a wide range of cuisine from local to international dishes.

Overall, living in one of the countries on the Balkan Peninsula is inviting. With inexpensive, but fresh and organic grocery produce and even low-cost health care, one can really consider moving somewhere in the Balkans. Although the Balkan States are not considered as a rich region, these countries offer a safe haven. There may be a language barrier, especially in the outskirts of the city centers, but nonetheless, this opens the door for new adventures.



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