Why You Should Have Roller Shutters For Your Shop


Roller shutters are an excellent investment for business premises. Here are some reasons why you should have roller shutters in your shop.


Safety and Security

Roller shutters offer added security to a property by keeping intruders out. In addition, the shutters make it hard to access your shop from outside by protecting all possible entry points.


The locking system on a roller shutter is not only practical but versatile. You can opt for anything from heavy-duty bullet locks to round cylinder roller shutter locks or ground shutter door locks.


Wifi-enabled roller shutters are the latest release in the market. You can operate the shutters remotely from a smartphone or computer. As a result, they are a great addition to a digital security system.


Shutters also deter potential intruders. They create the look of a highly protected establishment with top of the range security systems. Consequently, any intruder would think twice before breaking into your shop.



Unfortunately, most cases of vandalism occur around shops. During riots and other protests, shops are often targeted by vandals. Roller shutters provided additional protection against vandalism. They cover windows and doors to ensure there is no destruction of property.


Temperature control and insulation.

Roller shutters are designed to provide up to 90% insulation against heat and 70% against cold. In addition, the materials used to design the shutters offer great thermal insulation that is effective in extreme temperatures.


As a result, temperature control is optimised, keeping the space cool during summer and warm during winter.


Moreover, the roller shutters improve the efficiency of any air condition system fitted in the shop. The result is lower bills on air conditioning.


Weather protection

Rollers protect against the elements. The structure can withstand winds of up to 100km/hr without rattling. Flying debris that follows strong winds also find roller shutters impenetrable.


The roller shutters also protect the windows and door panels during hail storms and strong rainfall. Moreover, if you live in a bush fire zone, the shutters are an excellent precaution to take.



Noise reduction

Aside from thermal insulation, roller shutters also provide sound insulation. If you are in a noisy neighbourhood, the shutters will keep the noise out and minimise distractions within your shop.


On the other hand, if you are operating a record shop, a music shop or selling stereos, the shutters will keep all the sound in and minimise noise disturbance.


The roller shutters can deliver up to 50% sound insulation, with some designs achieving higher performances.


Privacy and light control

Roller shutters allow the control of light entry into a space. As a result, you can minimise light access during a sunny, cloudless day or open the shutters to improve natural lighting on cloudy days.


If you are executing an artificial lighting design within your shop for a sale or holiday decoration, you can control light entry to reduce light pollution.


The shutters also offer complete control over privacy since they serve as visual barriers and sound insulators.


Lower insurance premium

Improving the security of your shop will lower your insurance premium significantly. Fitting rollers on your window panels and doors increases protection against burglary, vandalism and storms. As a result, your shop becomes eligible for discounts on your insurance rates.


Enhance home aesthetics

Roller shutters come in a range of styles and designs that improve the outdoor aesthetics of your shop. This goes a long way in reeling in potential clients.


Roller shutters are installed in residential and commercial spaces, serving a wide range of applications. They offer great value for money and a good return on investment.

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