It’s tough to experience the loss of a loved one that you may find yourself having a hard time handling matters such as attending the funeral. As of late, cremation has gained much preference and has become more commonly chosen by people. 


According to the statistics of the Cremation Association of North America, the 2017 and 2018 rates for cremation have been growing quicker than projected in the earlier years. There has been a steady increase in frequency over the years, indicating that more and more people are opting forcremation.


The Rise in Cremation Rates

In the past, burial was more about upholding traditional practices. However, there has been an increase in cremation rates, primarily due to demographics, economic factors, and environmental concerns. 


Generally, costs for cremation services are lower than those of funeral and burial services. There are many more reasons that can explain the increase in rates, though these are some of the most common ones. 


Cremation is also becoming more popular because people see it as a more sustainable option. Though the process is not entirely environmentally-friendly, it makes use of less land, natural resources, and chemicals overall.


It also provides more flexibility in that you can choose when to schedule a memorial service and decide where you want to store the ashes. If you wish to store them in human cremation urns, for example, you can quickly bring it around in the event that you suddenly decide to move houses. 


Importance of Choosing a Cremation Urn


In line with the growing rates of cremation, there has also been an influx in the market for human cremation urns. While it may seem as though these containers all serve the same purpose, there is also value in taking time to choose the right one for your loved one. 


In selecting a cremation urn, it’s essential to consider different factors such as cost, size, design, material, and many others before making the purchase. The many physical and online stores that sell cremation urns have given way to several variations for you to make your choice.


Above all these things, however, cremation urns have much symbolic significance. You must take the time to find urns that you believe are representative of your loved ones. There is the option of adding accessories or jewelry to enhance the preservation of the memories of loved ones, as well as make the urn more personal. 


Undoubtedly, choosing a cremation urn is more critical of a choice than it initially seems to be. Though deciding on cremation is already a difficult choice, you should still take some time to select the right urn. 


As an urn serves as a placeholder of ashes, you want to choose one that can honor the life of your loved one. It holds much symbolic significance, so you must find a cremation urn that you believe is right for your loved one. How to make a choice is entirely up to you, as it ultimately ties down to how you knew your loved one or how you can best describe the person. 


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