Why You Should Try Vaping Instead Of Smoking Dry Herbs

There was all this hullaballoo about cannabis (there still is). But with scientific research after scientific research being poured into its real medical benefits, said hullaballoo has turned into intuitive conversations backed by scientific facts. 


Read about why you should See Furna Vaporizer and switch to vaping, instead of smoking dry herbs. 


Why Vape Instead Of Smoke?

  1. More To Vape, Less To Waste 

Smoking a joint stands as a traditional method for getting a portion of the aromatic terpenes of cannabis through your nasal sensory receptors. And in doing so, absorb the cannabinoids responsible for that mood-elevating, stress-alleviating gust of green-goodness. 


But smoking herbs actually wastes a ton of the same. This is because “smoking” burns a lot of the product itself. Once burnt and turned to ash, there’ll be nothing left but a burnt smell to breathe in, and only a little left of the cannabis. 


  1. Clean Drafts 

Since vaping does away with “burning”, hence eradicating what we’ve just mentioned above about that overpowering “smokey” odour, drafts are cleaner. “Cleaner” here refers to how each draft is free of impurities such as debris from herbs, ash from combustion, and detritus from concentrates. 


This adds to less wastage by implication, as an ancillary result. Of course, the real showstopper here is how you’ll be able to get the most of your cannabis herbs every single time. 


  1. Herb Longevity 

Vaping extends the life of cannabis herbs. You can keep heating them up to the bone and still get that juicy, scrumptiously fragrant redolence. All the way down to the very last of it. Of course, the more you vape from dry herbs, the less there will be in how much a vape can give out per draft. 


What we’re talking about here is the “fullness” of the fragrance of herbs. They don’t change even as they are vaped away. 


Speaking of which, there are newer, ingenious vape pens that have separate receptacles for storing herbs and/or concentrates. Said vape-bins are designed to ensure the safekeeping of cannabis against natural elements that may wear it down quickly. 


  1. Room For “Micro-Dosing” 

This term is new in all-things-dry-herb and concentrate-vaping. The practice itself is just as new, but it is seeing dramatic utilization for medical marijuana. Micro-dosing has to do with letting your body consume a very menial amount of medical marijuana for treatment. This treatment should be closely monitored by your medical practitioner/s and is to have a plotted schedule that you must follow strictly.


It does not offer up the effects of a “high”. At least, not in the intensity that one would get with regular vaping. But if you’re someone who wants to avail of the medical benefits of marijuana because of chronic illnesses, vaping will be suitable for you. 


  1. Less To No Carcinogens 

Vaping dry herbs and/or concentrates has no tar— one of the primary hazardous components found in smoking. Tar is highly poisonous and is carcinogenic. The only approach to preventing it from entering your bloodstream is to avoid it at all costs, and all together. 


Since cannabis and cannabis-infused products don’t contain tar (nor does vaping them produce similar hazardous chemicals), it is safe to say that it has no tar-related carcinogens that will harm your health.

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