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How many times have people asked you if you are wearing a wig? As the decades have passed, wigs have become less of a disguise and more of a fashion statement. Weaves and wigs have gone onto define women and their standings in life. It is true that the Afro-American community and the Afro-Caribbean community are the biggest buyers of natural hair wigs. However, other communities are gradually catching up to the “fake hair” trend. “Is that a wig” has gradually turned from a brave and personal inquisition to a compliment over the last few years. Fashion and the social standard of beauty have become more liberal than it was even a few years ago.

What do Taraji P. Henson, Ciara, and Zendaya have in common? Their proclaimed love for all natural human hair wigs and weaves. They have flaunted uncountable full lace wigs during red carpet events and even in paparazzi photos. These celebs are onto something! They believe in loving their own locks and at the same time living up to the latest hair fashion trends for their millions of fans. Most celebs have dedicated wig rental services and a vast private collection of wigs that they choose to perm, straighten, color and bleach over the years. The usability and customizability of these wigs offer innumerable possibilities when it comes to fashion statements and personal styles.

Why are wigs no longer a stigma or a compulsion?

There was a time when the real hair texture of ethnic women was “unprofessional” and “messy.” While we are gradually moving away from those suffocating times, we still think twice before stepping out in our naturally kinky and super cool hairs. At the same time, we realize the difficulty of styling our coiled and curly hair in buns, ponytails and fancy updos for work or class every day. Combing our hair takes a long time and a lot of effort. Sometimes, a Gatorade seems insufficient for the ordeal the lucky ones call combing and detangling. Black hair is indeed tough to style, and you need heaps of product and special detangling brushes to tame them. On the other hand, wearing a wig on top of your bed head takes little time, but gives you a head full of manageable and gorgeous tresses.

Once wearing a wig attracted stigma, but now it is the choice of the sensible fashionista. Thousands of celebrities on Instagram are sporting wigs openly. Some of them change their hairstyles in hours, while others take a few days to get over their hair-affair. You can collect an assortment of wigs of varying lengths, volumes, and styles for rocking it at work, parties and outdoor events. There is no reason to hide from who you really want to be. Embrace the professional self, the crazy lass and the stylish diva whenever you want with the widest choice of lace front wigs for black women. This wig collection has an incredible variety of textures, colors, and lengths. From the craziest coiled curls to poker straight waist-length hair, you can have it all within a couple of hours.

How are wigs helping liberate personal styles and aesthetics?

Wigs should showcase the true beauty of the owner. They should emphasize creating a style statement rather than creating a new personality for the wearer. You should know that the majority of the wigs for black women use real human hair. To match the natural texture and feel, they use 100% virgin or Remy Brazilian, Malaysian or Indian hair. Hence, the best of the best wigs from designers do not come cheap. You can expect to get a basic 100% density, one color wig for $250 or more. No matter how much you are paying, always check the manufacturer’s notes about the hair quality and maintenance. Natural hair wigs seem like a considerable investment, they also have a long shelf life. You need to learn how to wash them, detangle them and store them for years of regular use. Always remember to care for the wig as you would about your real hair.

What should the quality of the hair tell about the wig?

Matching the multitudes of curl patterns and textures of black hair is close to impossible. That is why most renowned hair designers opt for 100% virgin human hair for their hand-made wigs, weaves and crochet hairlines. There is no substitute for natural hair when it comes to wigs. Synthetic wigs may come for lesser than $50 a pop, but the texture is nowhere close to natural curls. We have known people allergic to the components that go into making synthetic weaves and wigs, so check your choice thoroughly before you spend your hard earned cash. Natural hair wigs do not come with these problems. Moreover, you can brush them, wash them and dry them as you would do to your hair. Healthy hair wigs appear natural under harsh lights, and it is impossible to tell them apart from real hair since the primary material doesn't deviate from keratin.

Always check that the wig you buy uses virgin or Remy hair only. The high-quality and natural hair extensions ensure that the layers of cuticles flow in the same direction. They should always flow from root to the end. That should minimize tangling and matting problems. The absence of such uniformity makes synthetic hair is prone to tangling and breakage. Whether it is a full wig, a weave or an extension of Remy hair, ensuring that the cuticle layers are in the same direction will allow you to reuse them for over a year without the loss of sheen and smoothness.

Choose the length and color of your wig wisely

Dark skin tone means you can try all the colors on the palette. Darker skin tones are perfect for carrying off all black, honey blonde, dark red, brown, reddish brown, and auburn shades. At the same time pop colors like electric blue, jade green, bubblegum pink and orange will look awesome on a fun night out. Contrary to popular opinions, golden blonde hair on dark skin looks gorgeous provided you style the wig correctly and do not go with cheap synthetic or non-Remy hair. If you are not too sure about going global with blonde and pop shades, you can also stick to subtle highlights to your dark black or brown wig.

The choice of hair length will depend upon your personal preference and face shape. Thanks to amazing genetics, most black women have gorgeous cheekbones that look flattering with all kinds of super short bobs, medium length lobs, and luxurious waist-long straight hair. Going with straight Indian or Brazilian hair means you can curl them, leave them in waves or perm them overnight for an elegant yet understated look. Always remember that longer length calls for higher maintenance. Therefore, if this is your first time shopping for a wig, go with medium bobs and short, blunt cuts to keep things simple. Keep your profession and personality in mind while picking the length of your wig. Some hairstyles and colors might look stunning on you, but they might not be as appropriate for your place of employment.

Lace wigs are light, and they give your real hair follicles enough room to “breathe.” You don't have to break out in a sweat every time the air conditioner conks off, or you have to step outside. The right glue, and a full lace or frontal lace wig should be enough to keep your swag levels high every day irrespective of the heat and humidity. Opting for wigs does not automatically make you someone who dislikes their natural hair. Going with wigs can help you prevent the damage the sun, regular pollution, and chemical treatments do to your hair. You can forget hot combs, hot brushes, heavy-duty hair straighteners, and relaxers for a long time with a great wig. You can finally lay your hair down without having to worry about frizz, tangles and split ends.

Few final words

Never nappy, always happy hair means endless hours in the salon chair. It is a big commitment that takes time out of other essential tasks. Maintaining great sleek hair comes at high costs. It might cost you hundreds of dollars per year, and it can take a toll on your natural hair quality. So why spend so much on a single hairdo, when you can buy a number of real hair wigs at the same price? Owning wigs give you the freedom to wear a new style each week, without spending hours in front of the dresser, and struggling with the hair appliances. Maintaining wigs is a lot easier than keeping your own hair.

Moreover, you can afford to color, chemically treat and do whatever you like to your wigs knowing you can replace them later. They give you a liberty to experiment that your real hair never allows. Wigs are the woman’s best friend, who loves to embrace a new look every d

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