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Will I Need A Captain To Rent A Yacht?

As entertainment facilities ground to a halt during the pandemic, the superyacht charters thrived. Families and groups of friends took to the waters to enjoy themselves. Since then, the Fort Lauderdale yacht rental company has seen more people show interest in renting yachts. 

You need a captain when you rent a yacht, depending on its size, your experience as a captain, and if the Insurance company will accept you as the captain. You can be a captain if you have a US Coast Guard (USCG) license to operate the yacht. 

Being a yacht captain offers privacy and excitement when out on the waters. However, you should consider your safety and that of the people on board. If you don’t have the expertise to captain a yacht, it is best to rent a yacht with a captain. 

Why You Should Rent A Yacht With A Captain. 

Renting a yacht and being the captain is probably on your bucket list. However, before you embark on this adventure, you need to find out if it is a good idea, or even if you are allowed. There are several reasons why you need a captain to rent a yacht. 

  • The captain understands the yacht’s capabilities against the waves. When on water, it is easy to get too excited and venture too far. A captain may be the voice of reason you need when having fun. 
  • A captain gives you greater flexibility to get a bigger yacht. If you can captain a yacht, you probably have limitations. A bigger yacht may offer more amenities and crew to be at your beck and call. However, if you can’t captain it, you may be forced to settle for a smaller yacht and limit the distance to cover when at sea. 
  • You need someone with the experience and expertise to deal with emergencies. Anything can happen during your adventure, and you need someone who can act under pressure. As captain, you may not act fast enough because you are worried about your family and friends. Plus, if you have never encountered rough water conditions, you cannot predict what could go wrong. 
  • Most yacht rental companies may have policies against renting without captains. This mostly has to do with insurance companies and their reluctance to compensate if the captain was not in charge of the yacht during an accident. 
  • You get to have fun without the weight of the responsibility of being in charge of the yacht. Being responsible for many people on board sometimes feels like a full-time job. When you have a captain, you can enjoy yourself knowing someone else is in charge of the yacht. 
  • You need a US Coast Guard (USCG) license to operate a yacht. Without a license, you have no option but to get a captain when you hire a yacht.

There are several benefits to renting a yacht with a captain. Rental companies that offer the option of renting the yacht without a captain may have prohibitive conditions. For example, you may be forced to pay extra as security should anything go wrong when the yacht is in your hands.

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