Losing weight is something that the majority of people aspire to at some point in their lives, although, as we all know it is not easy. There are various reasons why people want to lose weight, it may be for health reasons as we have been advised by our GP to do so, or it may be for vanity reasons because you want to look your best in a bikini by the pool. Whatever your motivation, it has traditionally taken an enormous amount of willpower and physical exercise to shed those pounds. However, when adopting a scientific approach to eating and exercise it becomes much easier and allows you to enjoy the process.


 Here we will take a look at some expert tips to help you lose weight without having to bust a gut.

Change the way you eat

One of the simplest ways to get started is not to change what you eat, just to change how much you eat. The majority of us load up a plateful of food to the brim and eat away without realizing that we are eating far too much. Trying sizing your portions using your hands, for protein or carbohydrate use one handful and for fruit or vegetables use two. If you follow these guidelines you will be surprised how much less you really need to eat, and yet you can still eat the same foodstuffs as before. Seems like a good starting point to me!

Chew your food

We all chew our food, but do we chew our food correctly? If we wolf our food down we are not giving our brain time to register the fact we are not hungry anymore, and we will eat far more than necessary. So, by chewing thoroughly on your food, your brain and stomach will tell you when you’re full. Scientific studies have also proved this concept by showing the more overweight you are the quicker you are likely to eat your food. Slow down, and watch that fat drain away


Maybe you have started from an obese standpoint and after years of fad diets and different exercise regimes you are no closer to that holy grail of looking good on the beach. Well, in this modern day and age, due to scientific advances there are medical techniques for losing weight. CCS Gastric Sleeve Newcastle experts state that there are a few bariatric surgeries available depending on your situation, these may include gastric sleeve surgery or gastric band surgery to decrease the size of the stomach. However, surgery may not be suitable for everyone due to varying factors like underlying health reasons, but for some people who are unable to exercise or control their diet they are an excellent option. It’s important to see your doctor for a consultation to discuss your eligibility, as everyone’s situation is different

Drink lots of water

We all drink water, in fact, it is such a fundamental part of life that we cannot exist without it. So, how can it help us to lose weight? Well, it gives us that sensation of being full, which lessens the craving to eat. If you drink a pint of water before a meal then your stomach will be half full and you will naturally eat less. Water is also a great replacement for those sugary fizzy drinks. Try adding a squeeze of lemon or lime to liven it up and you have a tasty alternative that will actually help you lose weight!

Fiber-rich foods

Ok, so we have looked at several ways to lose weight without changing our diet, but there is one small change to our diet that can really help: eating more fiber. The main sources of fiber are in plant foods such as legumes, green vegetables, fruit, and cereals, so they have the added advantage of being nutritious and delicious. Fiber not only helps us to feel full but it also helps the body to absorb nutrients and takes longer to leave the stomach so you feel full for longer, alleviating those cravings for more food. 

Sleep more

The final expert tip to help us lose weight is to sleep more, and who doesn’t like to sleep?! A lack of sleep will disrupt our appetite-regulating hormones, and these fluctuations will lead to an increased appetite for unhealthy foods as our brain will be seeking a quick fix. Try and get those 8 hours a night and you will have balanced hormones which will make it much more likely that you eat healthier food.


As we have discussed there are many ways to help you lose weight without having to spend hours at the gym or make drastic changes to your diet. Eat fiber-rich sensible sized portions of food that are chewed properly and you will be halfway there. Surgery is an option for those with underlying health issues, and failing that drink lots of water and sleep more!


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