We all know what a wine club is.  You join, and for a monthly fee (or every 3 months, 6 months, whatever the terms) you get different wine delivered right to your door.  No standing in the store looking at wines trying to figure out which one to try, no hassle even getting to the store.  All you have to do is sign for it and you are done.

I have seen a lot of wine clubs and they all pretty much work the same.  After all, what can be different about a wine club?

Firstleaf is a wine club where they not long send wine but they also send newsletters. The newsletters are huge so definitely no problem reading it, not little font that you might need a magnifying glass to read.  In the newsletter are all things that actually educated me on wine – how to choose it, suggestions on how to pair (although their “golden rule” is to drink what you like with what you like, wine is not supposed to be stressful), and even how to go about taste testing, what to look for, and pretty much spells it out for you as to what you are looking for when taste testing.  I never knew, I just tasted.  Notes and things I had never even paid attention to (or heard of).  The newsletter also gives information on the places they went and tried and really is a lot of information, and useful information for those who love wine and want to learn more about it.  All you do when you sign up is answer a few questions so they can get a basis of what you like and they will take it from there with your first selections.

The wine is different and I love tasting new wine, not your run of the mill every store carries it.  In fact, the Firstleaf club wants you to rate your selections so they get a feel of what you like (or maybe not so much) so they can tailor your wine selections to your preferences based on what you liked in the past. You can choose from all red, all white, or a mix and if you see something before it ships that you maybe know you will not like or want to try something else, they can switch it out for you. They also will refund (where legal) if you get something that you really did not care for (without having to return the bottle).

The other great thing about this wine club is they work directly with the wineries and winemakers, this way they are cutting out the middleman (or middlemen) and giving you the wine for the best price instead of having the markup to take care of all those middlemen that also want their costs covered.

You can read more about Firstleaf Wine Club here and learn all about it, take the quiz, and more.  I love that it is not the same old wine club where I just get the same wines along with every other member – I rate what I get and I get special attention to what I like while learning how to rate wine the correct way and find out what  I really like, which makes it more enjoyable knowing I will be getting my own personalized selections.  It would also make a great gift for Mother's Day and Father's Day for anyone who loves wine and tasting new ones!

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