There are times that I need to use a wine stopper when I will open up bottle of wine for company and it is not a wine that I like or care to drink so it does not all go and I am not about to finish it because I don't particularly like it and want to drink the wine that I enjoy, not have to drink something just because it is open.  Wine ends up going down the drain which is a big waste!

I also use wine for cooking. The wine I use for cooking is not the wine I drink (particularly the chardonnay, I use that for cooking plenty but never actually drink it).  Sure I have stoppers but they are only so helpful.  The wine is still sitting there and its taste is changing.  Sits there too long and yikes.

Repour is not only a stopper, it is a wine saver.   Now this is a true story – I took these out and someone said, “Just what you need, another stopper. How many wine stoppers do you need?” To which I explained about how this is not an ordinary wine stopper and you could see the eyes get a little wider and the interest was piqued.

The Repour stopper has a little silver thing on the bottom that you peel off before you put it in your bottle of wine.  This absorbs the oxygen thereby saving your wine because apparently oxygen is the enemy of wine so you do not have to worry about the wine being wasted or not tasting as good as the first glass when that company that enjoys that particular wine (if you don't and it is still there waiting for them) comes back.  They will never know it is the “old wine” that you had opened the week before or what have you.

Of course, after you take that silver piece off from the bottom I suggest you put it back in the wine right after you pour it regardless of how soon you will be using it again because you want to stop any oxygen from getting in, after all, that is the point of the Repour stopper.  Then you throw it away when that bottle of wine is done.

A great gift idea that I had is when I bring someone a bottle of wine to bring one of these with it so they can use it after opening if they do not think they will go through the whole bottle right away (while I know plenty of people that never have any wine left, it is still great not to assume that they will not need it this time, and it will be handy in the future as long as the silver piece is not removed).

Check out Repour for yourself and see how great it is to not have to dump wine because you know you will not drink it or have it go bad because you didn't use it up in time.  I even started getting bigger bottles of wine now because I know that my wine will be safe!

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