Wine.  After a long day of work or running around, it is nice to just sit back and relax with a nice glass of wine with dinner or a nice glass later on while unwinding.  Unfortunately, for moms our work is never done.  We are always doing something and to find a minute to actually sit down and relax is a luxury and those times are far and few between.

How much of a hero would you be if you got your wife, significant other, girlfriend, mother, any woman really whose job never ends and does not get to “clock out” a bottle of Mommy’s Time Out wine.  The name says it all.  Relax, drink the wine and give yourself a well-deserved break.  Women, get it for a friend so you can show them that you know the struggle they face (maybe even share it between yourselves!).  Nothing like friends bonding over a glass of wine (or two).

Mommy’s Time Out is available in Pinot Grigio, Delicious Red, Moscato, and Delicious Pink.  I had the Delicious Red.  It smells inviting with hints of fruit but not sweet smelling or anything like that, just a nice smell.  I don’t know why I always smell wine before I taste it, I do not know if I am weird or it is something that other people do, but I do smell the wine and that is why I am sharing what it smells like. I mean, if I went through the trouble I might as well share, right? 

The taste of the Mommy’s Time Out Delicious Red is really nice.  I am not a big fan of really dry wine and this was not too dry.  I don’t know how to explain it but I have had wine that was really dry and I have had wine that was too sweet and this was pretty much perfect in terms of not too sweet but not too dry.

So for Valentine’s Day or really any occasion, even it just being a Tuesday, give a woman in your life, whether she is the mommy of one child, three children, a mommy of furbabies, or maybe not a mommy but takes care of someone older or someone who is always cooking and cleaning the house and deserves some rest and relaxation a bottle or two of Mommy’s Time Out and show them you appreciate it and you know they work hard and deserve a break too!

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