Yes I like my wines, but when I can support a company who actually gives back and helps others it makes me feel pretty good, and at least my money is helping while I am enjoying my wines!

I found this wine, Lubanzi, which comes from South Africa. I had never tried a wine from South Africa before, so was already interested, but then I read the bottle and found out they named it after a DOG!! Well the animal lover in me was instantly intrigued and I had to have it.  In a nutshell, the founders were exchange students in South Africa and were hiking and were led by a dog the locals called Lubanzi over 6 days and 100 miles, and if you want to read more of the story you can do so here. Just look at the top of the bottle!

Is that not the cutest?

So I was hooked by the name and the bottle and story, and had to try it.  I have never had wine from South Africa as I mentioned and I really enjoyed it!  Red wine and I think it would pretty much go with anything.  Cheese and crackers, dinner, you name it – of course I like wine with everything and to me there is no wrong thing to drink wine with! I am sure more wine connoisseurs would disagree!

The one thing that did stick out to me though was the fact that 50% of the profit goes back to South Africa to improve the lives of the people working on the wine farms.  That to me is HUGE.  That is a big amount, not 10% or 20% but half of the profits.  How can I not feel good about getting this wine and drinking it knowing that my money is not going to a big corporation but back to those people who did all  the work to get it to me?   Yes I am sentimental and those kinds of things really speak to me!

You can check them out for yourself here, on Instagram and Facebook!

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