Whats better than having some great wine, after a horrible day. A lot of us have a glass just to unwind and destress. Or just to have for one of your family get-togethers. When we head home, we consider home Jersey, we always have a huge family gathering, they see us once a year if lucky so it's a big thing. Our Uncle and Aunts and cousins have different, tastes when it comes to the wine they like and prefer. That leaves us with finding something new and exciting to take up with us.


Three different wines, with all different flavors and attitudes all their own. The best part is these are all that our family loves, so we will have a happy family.  Ménage à Trois, Taken Red Blend and  Folie à Deux Zinfandel.

Ménage à Trois

One thing I can say is this is the wine that will leave you wanting more.  A decadence wine of a beautiful ruby red color in your wine glass.  This wine will indulge your senses, with berry aromas and a hint of chocolate.  When all of that hits your mouth, you will also have a taste of vanilla spice.  Berries of black cherry and blackberry make up this, delicious wine.

Some little information about this brand.

When our boldly curious founders decided to “experiment threely” and blend together a luscious threesome of distinctively different grapes into one wine, they knew it needed a name that would live up to this innovative, provocative blend. They called it Ménage à Trois. Not just because it was a revolutionary three-grape blend, but because like its taste it deserved a name that would never blend in.

No wonder Ménage à Trois is credited with creating and defining the premium Red Blend category, elevating the brand to iconic status.

On Valentine’s Day, there’s no better indulgence than Decadence.




Now, this is another great wine, once you open it the smell of berry will be the first thing you smell. Then you will smell some allspice and mocha and cedar. The taste is pleasant and the fruity flavors are all well balanced.  The grapes for this Zinfandel underwent a three-day cold soak, and a starter yeast was used to initiate fermentation at 75°F. During a maceration period
of 11 to 15 days, the juice was pumped over the skins daily to maximize the extraction of the variety’s rich flavor and tannins.

Delestage—an oxygenation technique—was employed during active fermentation to soften the wine and
showcase its fruit character. This Zinfandel was aged in a combination of French and American oak barrels. This is the perfect wine to pair with some delicious pork, a tasty, and not a sweet tasting wine.

“Deux” meaning two, it’s only fitting that this spicy Zin be enjoyed with a plus one or the one during an equally spicy night in.

Taken Red Blend



This wine was my favorite, this one boasts of the ripe red fruit of blueberry and plum. Dark chocolate combined to give you a blast of flavor. They will linger on your palate for at 30 seconds.

Once we opened the bottle you are met with the aroma of blueberries and blackberries Even some black cherries give us the pleasant aroma, there are so many different scents to this one bottle. underlying tones of earth, crushed graphite, toasted espresso beans and dark chocolate.


About Trinchero Family Estates

Trinchero Family Estates was born from unwavering fortitude and a bit of good fortune. Nearly 70 years ago, when Italian immigrant Mario Trinchero left New York City in search of a better life for his family in Napa Valley, no one could have predicted the unprecedented success that followed. From the world’s first-ever White Zinfandel to some of the most-sought after vineyards in Napa to a portfolio of more than 45 global wine and spirits brands, the Trinchero Family Estates of today is an enduring symbol of the American Dream.


Like your relationship status on the most romantic night of the year, Taken Red Blend will have your Valentine “taken” by you.


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