camelWith the cold weather upon us we were looking for something fun to do with the kids. We decided we were going to take them to Camelback Resort. Being stuck in the house is no fun. Camelback Resorts Hotel and Indoor Waterpark is only 45 minutes from me. You don't need to stop having fun just because it is cold outside.cb

Camelback, is in the heart of the Pocono Mountains. It is the biggest indoor waterpark in the Northeast. My family stayed one night. The room had 2 queen size beds and a pullout sofa, mini fridge and microwave. There are 4 places to eat on the premises not included room service if you are tired and want to just hang out in your room.cb1

We were able to let the two kids go by themselves. They went on the Venus Fly Trap. They also went on the Storm Chaser, The Himalayan, Outa-space race, Mountain Mayhem, Constrictor, paradise plunge, Skydive Plummet, Bambora Flowrider, Kartrites quest,  The great Ka-Na-Gawa wave pool ( Alincia could stay in the wave pool all day), The lost River, Ally-oop Lagoon, Crocodile Crossing, Penguin Bay and Mystic Springs.cb4

The kids were able to enjoy themselves. There were life guards on duty at each post making you feel a little more relaxed with letting the kids go on the slides without you. You can also rent a cabana for the day. The water in the indoor waterpark is always 84 degrees all year round. We stayed with Alincia by the wave pool and lazy river. She had so much fun.

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