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There are few ceremonies more beautiful than that of a winter wedding. Whether it’s the crisp cold air on a blue-sky morning, or the glistening of snow-covered grounds, there’s something simply magical about tying the knot in the winter season. 

But that’s not to say a winter wedding doesn’t come without its challenges. From battling the weather forecast to planning party outfits that adhere to the cold, there’s plenty to consider when making your arrangements. 

If you’re planning a winter wedding in the future, here are our top tips on everything you must consider throughout your special day.

Make the most of the natural light

When it comes to your wedding day, one of the most exciting parts of all is taking your wedding photos, to document this monumental day. But in winter, as the days get shorter, it’s vital that you make the most of the natural light while you have it! Consider moving your photography slot to earlier in the day if possible. Alternatively, if this isn’t possible, find a professional photographer who excels in night photography. If you don’t mind doing something a little different, you could come away with some beautifully romantic night time photographs alongside a few day ones.

Stick to one venue 

Another way to combat the above, is by deciding to have your ceremony and wedding reception in the same place. Not only would this help to make the most of the daylight hours available, by not wasting time traveling elsewhere, but it is also a great cost-effective option to anyone looking for areas where they can cut back a little on the spending of their big day.

Venue Lighting

The lighting of your venue can completely transform the room, so be sure to explore all options before deciding on what works best for you. Whether you want dozens of real lit candles flickering in the chapel, or perhaps a room filled with twinkling fairy lights – whatever your style, you’ll find loads of wedding lighting inspiration to browse through online. Another added bonus of intimate lighting, is that it can enrich your wedding photos beautifully, capturing the twinkle of the bride’s engagement ring perfectly.

Seasonal flowers and décor

Nothing quite compliments a special wedding more than opting for seasonal flowers. If you’re opting for a winter wedding, having an exotic bouquet, such as Birds of Paradise, could come across as juxtaposing in photos. Instead, research seasonal flowers to find some that fit your unique taste and overall theme of your wedding. Similarly, consider a season colour scheme. Bright summery shades are often best avoided for winter weddings, which typically benefit from deep tones of navy, greens, purples, and wintery silvers. 

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