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I love that summer is upon us. That means great weather and lots of time spent outdoors. People tend to get together and do backyard BBQs with their friends. My husband loves to grill steaks on summer days like these. But for him, he has been using the same grilling gear we have had for years now. Some of that stuff is pretty old, and the brush bristles for the grill is coming apart. I get worried sometimes that the bristles can come out and stick to the grill, or accidentally get hidden in our meat if we are not paying attention.  Thank goodness for Wise Guy Gadgets. They actually make unique handmade quality products that you can not find anywhere else.

So Multi-Functional

I want my husband to start using the WiseHooker Clean-n-flip from Wise Guyz Gadgets.  It is the ultimate BBQ grilling tool that was ever invented.  What I mean is that this Wise Hooker makes grilling safer. The way it is designed is two pointy fangs on either side of a blade, connected to a long metal rod.  The design is so that the blade will surround and clean the top, sides, and underside of your grilling grate.  It is so easy to use once you get the hang of it. My husband thinks its the most clever grilling tool he ever seen. It makes for a safer grilling, because when you clean your grill, you do not have to worry about the grill brush bristles being left behind on your grill and getting hidden in your food.

I love that it does the job of a grate cleaning and removal tool, as well as acting as a tong, fork, spatula and whatever else it can assist you with while grilling. The WiseHooker is  eighteen inches in length and is so sturdy and built to last. I feel like it cleans so much better than that cheap gooey wire brush we have had for years. Ideally it cleans most grills of hot and cold variety. That means if you have electric, wood, ceramic, charcoal, etc., it can be cleaned. After cleaning, all you have to do is wipe with a paper towel, and you don’t have to get messy goo all over your hands.


Great for Meats and Veggies

The ease of using the WiseHooker, means all you need to do is rotate your wrist to angle the blade where your want. You can use it not just to clean but to turn your meats and veggies. It is so multifunctional. We have noticed that even though it is durable, that it does not damage our meat like other tools do.  A very gentle poke at the meat is all it takes to rotate it. It holds on so securely that you don’t have to worry about dropping your meat. Because it is so long, your hands don’t get burned either. This summer is going to be amazing with all our BBQ cook outs using the WiseHooker. Finally a tool that can make grilling easier, faster, and better.  It doesn’t even rust!  I would definitely recommend this as a Father’s Day gift for all the men out there that is deserving of something high quality.

Find it here at Wise Guy Gadgets

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