Wish To Impress Your Boss? Here’s Some Tips That Can Help



Are you an employee who's willing to go that extra mile to impress your boss? You can do that without trying too hard and becoming a subject of ridicule for your co-workers. One can go about his daily work activities without buttering up the boss.


You can set yourself apart from others with your behaviour and work ethic. Every boss is different and unique in their own way, so there's no one tactic to impress your boss that can suit all. If you're making an effort to impress your boss, keep reading to find out some tips and see what tactic suits him best.


  1. Read the person


You can't impress a person simply based on your assumptions. The new boss might not be like your past experiences. This necessitates that you carefully read the person in your interactions and different scenarios at work. Also, be mindful of his response to your co-workers. That can help you to understand what he likes or dislikes in a person. Try to understand if he prefers obedience to authority or the ability to hold one's ground. Observe him at parties to understand his choice of alcoholic beverages and what's his idea of having fun.


  1. Help out


If you work in a long-established organization, there may still be a requirement of manpower. Try to do the needful to make it easier for the team. You can inspect the work of the office's cleaning team to ensure that the office makes a good first impression on the visitors or potential employees. You can also volunteer to help other teams when they're behind the target or organize public events. When you give a helping hand to your colleagues, care about the impression that your workplace makes and are efficient in your task completion, you won't go unnoticed. The authorities may appreciate your knack for helping out.


  1. Be fully invested in your job


There is no alternative to dedication and commitment when at work. You should always be your best critic. When you take responsibility for acquiring as much knowledge as is possible in a set time period, the hard work is difficult to go unnoticed. A passionate employee can inspire his co-workers to put in their best efforts to meet a target. If your work is getting appreciated more often than not, don't hesitate to pitch in your ideas when in a meeting with the seniors. This will show them how fully invested you are in your job to help the office run smoothly.


  1. Be a sincere learner


Do not lose your enthusiasm after receiving the job confirmation letter. The real work begins from then onwards. Do not fear asking genuine work-related questions to help you do your job better and also train the juniors in the future. When you demonstrate your willingness to learn, it shows your ambitious attitude. It can be beneficial for both you and the company.


  1. Keep up with the quality of work and time management


When you submit your reports on time and without any mistakes, it increases the boss's belief in you to deliver the best. Shorter break time will give him a sense of your healthy work culture and time management. 


  1. Be thoughtful


Resist the temptation to take back home some of the company stationary. Your effort to save your company money will always be appreciated. Celebrating your co-workers' successes can show how you are humble. You can take the initiative of collecting funds on your boss's birthday for a gift like a luxury chocolate hamper.




A good employee, when following the above steps, doesn't have to be a suck-up to impress the boss.

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