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Wizards And Werewolves Game For Families

Have You Ever Played Wizards And Werewolves?

When we play with our children there’s nothing better than roleplaying.  Add in a board, card, or dice game and you’ve got a fun family night!  Kids absolutely love bonding with us by seeing their parents/grandparents (or whoever) acting like a kid and playing.  I have found a great game that incorporates everything I’ve been explaining, and then some.  The game Wizards & Werewolves by Starlux Games is called a glowing outdoor fantasy game.  How much fun does that sound like?  Well, get the kids together and let’s find out how to play.

Wizards And Werewolves Game For Families

Something Exciting And A Little Different To Do With Famly

This fun game will accommodate 4-10 players and comes with 3 versions of the game.  You can start with the beginner version for the little ones and move up to the more advanced gameplay.  The age suggestion is approximately 8 years and up.  The kids will have a blast running outside while the “wizard” tries to catch the “werewolves”.  The game pieces are easy to see at night since they all glow, including light-up bracelets for everyone!  The game began on Kickstarter and has raised enough money to be ordered now, so go and get your family a memorable night they won’t soon forget.

Wizards And Werewolves Game For Families

The Game Includes:

  • 5 Wizard Armlets (bracelets)
  • 4 Territory Markers
  • 2 Star Crystals
  • 1 Moon Crystal
  • 7 Illustrated Player Cards
  • 1 Instruction Guide
  • Batteries (CR1220)
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Who Will Be The Wizard?

If you decide to be a wizard you’ll be looking for the glowing magical crystals.  But watch out!  You’ll have to get them without getting caught by the werewolves.  As the werewolves guard the crystals they let out their loud, scary howls.  You can play the game by following the instruction guide or you can make up your own gameplay.  That’s the fun of it!  Go and get your own and have some fun, summer family nights.

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Wizards And Werewolves Game For Families