Women: 10 Timeless Fashion Tips That You Should Know



Fashion is a huge part of our lives and influences how we feel about ourselves. We often need to update our wardrobes, but not all of us are the same size and shape and we cannot afford to buy everything new. There are so many places you can get gordon smith clothes, you can shop and get the clothes you want. 


To make fashion items last, you should purchase quality second-hand clothing items or vintage pieces. These garments will be much more durable compared to the ones that are just thrown into your closet. You can also make some easy fashion hacks for your wardrobe to make it look new, like wearing clothes in different colors, adding accessories with a similar color theme and so on.


You know you’re a woman of style and substance. You’re smart, successful and have your own unique sense of creative expression.


You want to look fashionable, but you know that trends come and go, and you want something more. You want to look stylish, elegant, and confident – you want to look timeless.


The problem is that so many fashion trends out there are overly trendy, or flashy, or just plain tacky. And you don’t have time to sort through all the fads or waste money on temporary styles.


If only there was a way for you to find chic, sophisticated pieces that will last in your wardrobe for years to come…


And there is, so don’t worry! 


But before we go to our tips, remember: Dress for yourself, not for others. You should always wear clothes that make you happy and feel confident, instead of trying to impress other people.


Here are some timeless fashion tips:


Know Your Body Shape


Before you go out and buy every trendy piece of clothing you come across, it is important to know your body shape, because what’s on trend might not be on trend for you! For example, if you are a pear shaped woman (bigger bottom half than top), wearing an off the shoulder top will do nothing for your shape. However, if you are a larger busted woman who carries most of your weight in your stomach area, then this style would suit you perfectly.


Find Your Color Palette


Now that you know your body shape, find colors that compliment your skin tone and hair color and stick to those when shopping. This will help to make sure that the clothes you buy will have a place in your wardrobe going forward instead of just being worn once or twice before being forgotten about.


Go Tailor Made


There is nothing wrong with buying clothes from charity shops and vintage stores but sometimes they may require a little tailoring to give them a more personalised fit and a less vintagey look. If you want something that looks like it came straight off the catwalk without breaking the bank then this is the way to go!

White Clothes Make You Look Fatter


There are plenty of white clothing items that will look fantastic on you, it's just a matter of finding the right cut and fit. For example, a pair of cropped white and slightly flare jeans by Vibe Clothing Company will elongate your frame and make you look taller and thinner  In addition to this, wearing white from head to toe in the form of a maxi dress or jumpsuit is also a great option for petite women. For men, however, white clothing really does make you look fatter. White shirts make you seem shorter and wider because there is no contrast between your face and neck at the top, and your torso at the bottom. That being said, if you're not too worried about looking thin and would rather stick to classic style rules then by all means wear white! It's just important to be aware that white clothing can have an unflattering effect on your shape.


Avoid Wearing Horizontal Stripes


This is another fashion tip that applies more so to petite women than men. If you're short then horizontal stripes can cast an illusion of width over your body making you seem short and wide rather than tall and slim like vertical stripes do. The same goes for horizontal patterns.


Don’t be afraid to try something new


If you want to be a timeless fashionable woman, you should not be afraid to try something new, but it's important to find out what outfits work for you and your body. The trick is to mix and match different items to create a great outfit! you might be surprised at how much you can pull off!


Choosing the Right Top


A variety of tops are available from casual t-shirts to dressy blouses. Depending on how feminine you like to be, you can choose from tank tops, halter tops, t-shirts or sweaters. If you have small breasts, choose tops with ruffles or bright colors in order to create an illusion of larger breasts. Women with large breasts should avoid wearing low cut shirts or tops with patterns.


Choosing the Right Skirt


Skirts can be one of the most flattering pieces of clothing for women as long as they are made for your body type. If you are curvy, pencil skirts and A-line skirts are a good choice. For apple shaped women, flared skirts are best because they draw attention away from your stomach area. A-line skirts and flared skirts look good on pear shaped bodies while straight skirts look good on athletic shaped women.


Know the difference between trends and classics.


If you've been following fashion for quite some time now, then you must be aware of the fact that fashion keeps changing with time just like seasons do. There are certain trends that come and go while there are some that stay forever (although they may have gone through small alterations). It is important to know the difference between trends and classics so as to avoid making expensive mistakes because of peer pressure or some other reason. For example, crop tops are currently in trend but this doesn't mean that they'll remain in trend forever. On the other hand denim jackets will always remain in trend since they've been in trend for decades now.


The truth is, you do not have to spend a lot of money on clothing to be fashionable. You can find great deals at discount stores. If you know what fits your body type, then it will be easier for you to find clothing that flatters your figure and makes you look fabulous!

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