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Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much


Love to cuddle up with a good book, I saw this one and thought sure, the woman who still love cats too much. Yeah, the title made me feel ok. Would you do anything for your cat – and admit it? Is your home built around your cat and you would never think of asking your cat to adjust to your lifestyle? Believe me, I love my cat, but this book had me laughing. I agree with the author on so many of the subjects covered as she knows her way around cats.

We have only one cat now, but there was a time I had 6 because people would bring them to us. And yes I love animals and would have many if I could. This book both funny and full of surprises. Are you one of those cat ladys, who collects the cat fur to make things out of.  Imagine making a sweater of cat fur, sounds weird but people don't seem to surprise me. 

For a woman, there is a never-ending quest to prove their love, for their cat, kitty such as this is normal to them,  This book comes clean about what many would consider, weird and good for a 10 step program and some heavy medicine. This book is great it tells how many women, do and do to  please their fur babies. 

Nolan speaks, in the introduction to this lively and entertaining guide to the traits of feline obsessives, of having “become more mature”, of coming to understand the dynamics of her obsession better, and of making  sure they please these babies. Nolan writes about tossing away 15 or more catnip toys before finding the right one, bypassing the kitty litter on sale for the designer brand, buying six robot vacuums so the cat can play bumper cars with her friends, ordering Tiffany jewelry so kitty can play with the blue box, and co-workers complaining of being allergic to your clothing covered in cat hair.

With fun illustrations by Sylvia cartoonist, Nicole Hollander, this tiny book will have you doubled over with laughter,

Do you do any of this with your kitty? 

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