Women aren't afraid to travel and even find it empowering. One survey showed that 86% of women aren't afraid of traveling despite problems going on in the world. Travel makes 73% of women feel stronger.

Despite the empowerment travel brings to women, it also raises a safety concern, especially during solo travel. When you're by yourself, you become more of a target for theft or attacks. 

The good news is you don't have to tuck away your passport. Using tips for solo female travelers, you can make yourself less of a target and feel more comfortable traveling.

Keep reading to learn how to keep yourself safe when you travel the world alone. 

  1. Research Your Destination

One of the best parts of world travel is to experience different cultures. That diversity also means differences in cultural norms and expectations.

Research the expectations for manners, dress, greetings, and other behaviors so you can blend in. Check out behaviors that are considered offensive to avoid negative attention.

  1. Dress Like a Local

Your style makes you unique, but you don't want to look too unique when you're traveling alone. Standing out for your clothing choices can draw unwanted attention and make you more of a target, especially if your clothing is considered offensive in the country you visit.

Pack clothes that fit into the normal dressing style in the country when possible. That might involve keeping your arms and legs covered, wearing loose clothing, or following other specific clothing choices. Dressing modestly even if you don't look like a local also minimizes unwanted attention.

  1. Act Confident

Traveling alone can make you feel intimidated, nervous, or scared. You may find yourself lost or confused, especially if you don't speak the native language. But you don't want to show those emotions.

Looking lost, confused, or scared can make you a target. Act confident and learn to mask your fears to discourage potential attackers or people who might try to take advantage of you. Ask for help when you need it without seeming weak or helpless.

  1. Consider Female-Only Options

Look for hostels with female-only accommodations. This can make you feel safer when you're in your room. You can also look for female-only group tours to check out the city.

Even if you don't join a female-only group, consider booking day tours so you're around other people and have a guide who knows the area. Booking activities ahead of time helps you plan your itinerary and can make you feel more comfortable. Sites such as World Roamer let you find and book activities before you leave. 

  1. Bring Protection

Small tools can double as safety gear or weapons. A plastic doorstop wedged under your hotel door can prevent someone from pushing in the room. A whistle or personal alarm can summon help if you're attacked or feel like someone's following you.

Before you carry pepper spray, check on the laws in your destination. Some may outlaw pepper spray.

  1. Let Someone Know Your Plans

Stay in touch with someone at home to ensure someone always knows where you are. Give the contact your itinerary, and check-inv each day. If the contact doesn't hear from you, they can reach out or contact authorities to check on you.

Don't share your plans with anyone you meet while traveling. Never tell a stranger where you're staying, even if they seem trustworthy. If you make plans with someone you meet, decide on a public meeting spot.

  1. Remain Aware

Constantly being aware of what's going on around you helps you spot potential safety issues. Avoid drinking or limit your alcohol intake so you don't lose control and let down your guard. Trust your instincts in all situations, and call for help if you need it.

Follow Tips for Solo Female Travelers

When you keep these seven tips for solo female travelers in mind, you increase your safety and can breathe easier while you travel. Awareness, protection, and small safety steps can make all the difference. Check out the travel section of our blog to explore possible destinations for your next solo trip.

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