My prerogative is that my kids have an open mind when it comes to learning and experiencing other cultures. I love it when they get to see how other societies live and celebrate life. However since we don’t have tons of money to travel and expose ourselves, one of the alternative and fun things we an do is get a monthly subscription to Womple.

Who is Womple? Womple is a fun monthly subscription for children in elementary school and younger. Once a month they receive a Womple box in the mail filled with cool adventures. There is a book with a fun story about a new and different country. This month we have Japan, next month will be Greece. 

They are so much fun, because every box is designed with so much thought and care. The stories not only combine folktales and geography but also food and cooking. My children loved their Womble box. Think about getting snail mail every month just for your child and how fun it is to open and explore all the fun things inside. For me, it’s definitely worth the price, because education and experience is an investment. 

Inside every Womple box is also a fun little craft your child that they can do and a little toy that relates to the theme of the culture of that country. I truly am impressed with how much my children are exposed to and how much they learn. It’s amazing and its exciting!

I also teach part time at a preschool center. For me, I like telling the parents of these children about Womple to give them ideas on how to combat boredom at home for their kids. It's also a great alternative for kids to watching television all the time or playing games on the iPad and phones. I really enjoyed bonding with my daughters and listening to their thoughts about our feature country for the month.

Find out more at Womple Studios / Facebook / Instagram

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