What is special about Australia? This world's smallest continent and largest island is almost the same size as the United States. However, its population equals the size of New York State. It is an incredible country where everybody finds something that appeals to him.


From the moment of its geographical discovery, this country excites minds of travelers all over the world. Australia attracts with its hard reach capability. The ugly truth is that it is really difficult to get cheap flights to Australia. . But there many places to check out, like Sailing Whitsundays – Wings, for tourist with various interests. Even those who have travelled all the continents in the world will have unique experiences during a once in a lifetime trip to Australia. From Tasmania in the south to The Great Barrier Reef in the north and Western Australia on the lesser travelled west coast it is worth the cost of the flight to Australia because you can even earn for living even during your traveling.It also worth spend all your savings for the flight to Australia because you can earn for living even during your traveling.


Both natural and urban places of interests won't leave you indifferent. Talking about nature, there are a lot of edgeless scopes of deserts, mountain ridges, subtropical forests, lakes, and bays. In addition, Australia has the very rich animal world and many unique plants grow there. So, it is hard to comprehend all these numerous attractions are beauties of this distant country not only during traveling but also if you actually live there.


I offer you to get acquainted with the most significant and not trivial attractions in Australia. I hope, that you have already know about Sydney Opera House without our advice. Also, I promise that If you explore the following attractions, you will make the right and integral impression about this continent.



Deck 88



It is one of the best places to visit in Australia. To visit this attraction you must go to Melbourne. If you want to explore the real culture of the country a trip to its capital won't be enough. Deck 88 is a must if you go to Melbourne. Not visiting it in Australia equals to not eating sweet cherry on the top of the cake.


When people travel to new places, that want to see the view on it from high heights. Every spot has unique and breathtaking panorama. To reach this aim people often climb hills or mountains or visit roofs illegally. We do not think that risking to reach heights is a legitimate way, especially in alien lands. It is better to use legal viewing platform like Deck 88.


Deck 88 is a viewing platform situated on the 84 floor of the highest skyscraper in the city, Q1 Tower. This skyscraper is also included in the top of the highest high rises in Australia. In fact, people use Q1 Tower for parachuting too. So, if you are mad about heights you will be able to satisfy your needs at this tower.


What is special about Deck 88? It is created in the form of the glass cube. So, you can actually look at the city through the floor. Everybody who gets on Deck 88 feels like he floats in the sky as a bird.


2. Blue Mountains


National park blue mountains is one of the most picturesque places in Australia. It takes one hour to get there from the Sydney.The nature of the park presents typical Australian forests with huge blue eucalyptus and tree-like ferns. The Blue Mountains, in particular, are unique and unusual. They bear such poetic name due to the optical phenomenon that visitors can experience on the top of the mountains. The drops of eucalyptus oil cover the trees in such a way that it refracts the sunlight and give it blue shades. Because of this phenomena, it seems that above the forest-covered wood floats ghostly-like blue smoke.


There are a few viewing points on the territory of the park too. From them, you can enjoy the incredible panoramas on the objects situated down in the valley. You can observe the highest top Victory, rocks “Three Sisters” and gorge Echo. There are different options of how to travel in Blue Mountain Park. You can go on foot, use a bike or even ride a horse along the paths of Blue Mountain. There are also cafes and small shops when you can have a lunch.


3. The Pinnacles


Rocky Desert Pinnacles is one of the most popular places in Australia. Its unusual landscapes with lonely vertical monuments attract tourist from all over the world. You can meet such weird columns on the whole area of the desert. There are thoughts that they are of alien origin. The height of this strange columns can be up to three meters.


To tell you the truth, these needle-like monuments appeared after one thousand year erosion. Both sun and the wind was architectures of this ridiculous objects. For a long time, this desert was not explored enough. Only in 1960, The Pinnacles was included in the National Park. In 2008 tourists made first visit to these rocks in the desert.


The best time to visit the desert is from the August to October. It is not so hot on these days and desert turns to flourishing meadow.



4. Tasmanian Rainforests


If you spend hours to get to the Australia and won't visit Tasmania island, you will lose much. It is true that Australia contains many natural wonders. Each part of it has a distinctive peculiarity. For example, The Tasmanian Island is the etalon of the wildlife.


The rainforests itself are the souvenir left from the precursor continent Gondwana. This continent included Australia, South America, Antarctica and Africa. Rainforests spread along the Tasmanian coast. This place is permanently green. Tasmanian rainforests were admitted to be natural heritages 30 years ago.


Various wild animal species habit there. For example, popular from the cartoons Tasmanian Devil has motherland here. There are also animals about the existence of which you may have heard for the first time. To them refer bettong, ginger wallaby, and rare marsupial wolf.


Tasmanian Rainforests are thousands of untouched by the human green world. It is a perfect place to get aesthetic satisfaction and inspiration. It is very important to get inspiration for every person that creates something, either they are fiction or are term paper writers. No matter where you live now, in the megapolis, suburbs or in the village. The impression that you may get from the visiting of this attraction can change your worldview and fill you with a will to live in our fantastic world. Just imagine: you are among thick foliage, tying lianas, crystal clear lakes standing on the carpet made of fluffy moss.


5. Sydney Oceanarium



I guess that you have noticed that the main feature of Australian tourism is that you can combine the exploration of the natural attractions with human-created places of interest. Now I suggest you visit one of the most popular attractions in Australia – Sydney Oceanarium. Many tourists don`t like oceanariums because they saw there only entrapped fishes. It is not about the Sydney one. All special live there in good, very close to natural conditions. Moreover, Sydney Oceanarium has been recently reconstructed. So, it is brand new and is waiting for tourists like you.


This place contains the collection of 13,000 species. It is more that can encompass your encyclopedia. The visit to this oceanarium is a great chance to see gigantic sharks, thousands of fish species, electric skates from the very close distance. In fact, they will float nearly in 1-2 meters from you.



6. Lake Hillier



You may have seen this attraction before on the map of Australia. I consider this place to be a fantastic world wonder. It looks more like a lake from some fairy tale from which not horses, but unicorns drink water.


Lake Hillier is situated on the edge of the Middle Island that is one of the 105 islands in Recherche archipelago. Its width is 600 metres. You may have noticed that its dominant feature is in the pink color of the water. And it is a mystery why the waters of the lake have acquired such color.


This lake was discovered in 1802 by the British sailor Matthew Flanders. After the discovery, the lake was exploited for practical purposes. In the first half of XIX whalemen and seal hunters inhabited that territory. At the beginning of the XX, the salt was mined there. The extraction of the salt has been finished after six years. Nowadays only tourists visit this place.


The wonderful beauty of the Lake Hillier is created not only with the pink water. It is circled with the white line of salt that gives more charm and mystery. Also, the lake is surrounded by various species of eucalyptus.



7. Glowing Gippsland Lake



Hiller lake is only water wonder in Australia. People from all over the world make several flights to Australia to come back and approach to the beauty of its natural treasures.


Gippsland's lakes is the longest water route on the continent. The famous National Park Croadjinglong with white sands and gigantic eucalyptus between which hang big bridges is situated there. But after one occasion in 2011, this lake gained an extreme upsurge in popularity. One tourist group that visited this the lake shore regularly noticed one night very unusual scene. The saw the waters of the lake glowing with the neon light. It looked fantastically, but what is more shocking, that was a completely natural process that is called bioluminescence.


Such phenomenon is very rare, one can meet it only on the bottom of the ocean, where sunlight loses its power. The reason of the illuminating effect is in tiny microorganisms that contain rare species the seaweed, Noctiluca scintillans. A human eye cannot catch them, they can see only its glowing.



8. Broome and the Kimberley region



This place is now a booming tourist town in the south of the spectacular Kimberley region. What is the secret of such increasing popularity? There are seemingly endless white sands and turquoise seas of Cable Beach, where tourists ride camels into the sunset. Such scene can bring the tourists to the fairy tale about Alladin and Shahrazad.


To other attractions refer the Broome Historical Museum, the Broome Crocodile Park and the Staircase to the Moon, a phenomenon that takes place during certain conditions between March and October. Whilst those period the moonlight creates an optical illusion of steps leading to the moon. Broome is also a perfect base for excursions into the Kimberley region where visitors can check out the Horizontal Waterfall.


So, you see that attractions of Australia resemble miracles more than simple places of interest. However, it is not the full list of the best places to visit in Australia. Maybe you can travel and be the first to discover new breathtaking wonders.


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