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Babies are known to be sponges the first six years of their lives. What is common is to know that all the babbling they do as one year olds and toddlers is actually them creating speech and then learning the speech around them. It is so amazing to have the human brain as easy to mold at that ripe age.

It is definitely even more a shame to waste the crucial learning that can be done even so. To make a child at least bilingual is such a beautiful gift to give them. Since Spanish is one of the most popular languages spoken on Earth, toys from Wordy can help children pick up verbiage even sooner.

Bilingual Learning

Wordy is actually a store front that sells quality hands-on bilingual toys. Common kitchen things like bowls, fruits, veggies, are beautiful made from wood and painted to mimic what children would see in their everyday surroundings.

There is an environmental imprint for the young child to learn visual cues. This is first before they even learn how to read and write. So for them, exposing them to being bilingual is a plus in making their minds and brains work the way it is supposed to. That includes, multitasking, holding focus longer, and thinking outside the box!

Puzzles and Phonetics

Wordy has very fun and vidid puzzles. The piecing together of parts to make a whole, helps the children retain the word and the language. For instance, a vibrant red crab is cangrejo in Spanish. It comes as a seven piece puzzle that the child will place together to make the image of the crab appear. They can reverse the puzzle for the English word on the other side. The words are designed to be all lowercase, because when children are taught in school, lowercase is most common in teaching.

Solving Techniques

An important aspect for children is also helping their little hands develop. You would want fine motor skills such as picking things up, placing things down, and cutting to get enhanced. I have let my little nieces and nephews play with Wordy puzzles and the learning is just as fun as the playing.

You can tell their little minds are working hard in developing problem solving techniques to arrange the puzzles back together. The imaginative play in make believe is so fun and special for them.

Pouches are included for all of the Puzzle sets from Wordy. They are so cute and little! The pouches insure so the pieces don’t get lost. These cute pouches are imprinted with the image of the puzzle and the word’s phonetic sound. This is very enriching for the parents who admire using correct pronunciation around their child and the children who pick up on it.

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