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According to the National Safety Council, there were 4.64 million work injuries in 2019 that required medical attention. This equates to $171 billion in expenses related to work injuries. 

The most common workplace injuries that lead to missed workdays are sprains, strains, and pain. The most common workplace accidents that lead employees to miss work are overexertion, slips, and falls. 

With so many employees working from home now, you might be wondering what kind of work from home safety tips you should be following. Keep reading to learn more. 

Setting up an Ergonomic Workspace Is Key 

If you're new to working from home, the adjustment might take some time. Whether you have a home office or are working from your kitchen table, working from home health and safety should be a top priority. 

Make sure wherever you do your work that it is set up with ergonomics in mind. A comfortable chair that supports your back will prevent injury and pain. You should also try to maintain your elbows at a 90-degree angle to your desk. 

Blue light glasses will prevent eye strain, and a headset will prevent neck strain by keeping you from having to put the phone up to your ear every time you get a phone call. 

Take Stretch Breaks 

Making sure you add stretch breaks to your work from home safety checklist is important too. Taking adequate breaks during the day will prevent injuries from overexertion and strains.

The best way to ensure you're getting the breaks you need is by setting up alarms throughout the day. Take time during those breaks to eat some snacks, rest your eyes, and stretch. Stretching your legs is important, but also focus on your shoulders, neck, and back. 

Keep Electronics Safe

Your work from home safety policy should also include some protection for the electronics you use to work. Make sure to keep your computer away from hot surfaces that can overheat it and cause a fire. 

Surge protection will keep your work and data safe in case of a power surge. Any drinks you have near your workspace should be covered to prevent spills and damage to your electronics. 

Prevent Slips and Falls 

Next on our list of home office safety tips are ways to prevent slips and falls. You might think that these accidents are more common in a workplace setting, but they can happen at home as well. 

You can prevent slips by wearing properly fitted shoes and cleaning up any spills as soon as they occur. Avoid tripping by having good lighting, keeping your workspace clutter-free, and having cords properly secured.

Some workplaces are now requiring employees to come into the office a few days a week. Coming back to this environment after so many months away increases your chance of slipping and falling, especially if you haven't had a chance to clear the clutter you left behind in your office.

Talk to a slip and fall lawyer if you do have an accident while working, and they'll help you navigate the process of filing a claim. 

Work From Home Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

If you're new to working from home, the work from home safety tips listed above should help you navigate this new style of working. Make sure to check out some of the other blogs on our site before you go for more tips!

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