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There are few things in life that are more relaxing than a nice, warm cup of tea. I’ve tried many different brands and flavors over the years and found a few that I consider all-time favorites. I just found a new favorite, Tea Drops.

This brand is unique, in my opinion, because it’s blended from organic tea leaves that are presented in individual drops, versus a tea bag or loose leaves that require a strainer of some sort and then disposal of the bag or leaves. Even though the drops contain tea leaves, they are very small and aren’t noticeable when you drink the tea.

Most people don’t expect to see tea leaves swirling in their tea or the sediment they leave when they settle to the bottom of the cup. But, with Tea Drops this is normal and it’s perfectly fine to drink them. And, as I said, I didn’t even notice them as I was drinking because the tea is very smooth and delicious.

Tea Drops

The best part about the delivery system that Tea Drops has created is that each drop is a single serving individually wrapped in it’s own little tear-open plastic packaging with the flavor printed on it. And since the drop dissolves completely, the only waste that need be disposed of is the wrapper.

Ingredients include organic teas and spices lightly sweetened with organic raw sugar. This brand of tea is USDA Organic with no additives or artificial flavorings. I tried Tea Drops Rose Earl Grey and Sweet Peppermint varieties and loved them both. I can’t wait to try some other flavors.

Available Flavors:

  • Rose Earl Grey
  • Chocolate Earl Grey
  • Sweet Peppermint
  • Citrus Ginger
  • Matcha Green Tea
  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Vanilla White Tea, AND MORE

Aside from Tea Drops you can find some tea-inspired apparel like t-shirts, mugs, or you can make a donation to The Thirst Project which supports endeavors to bring clean drinking water to areas that are lacking. I love purchasing products from companies that are involved in community projects like this one. It makes me feel good that even though I myself am not in a position to be on the ground doing this important work, I can give a little bit that enables another person to be able to do so.

Tea Drops

It’s a very simple process to make a cup of tea using them. You just plop a Tea Drop into your cup, pour in boiling water, and watch it immediately start to dissolve. (Or you can be backward, like me, and add the water first and then the Tea Drop, lol) The whole drop dissolved in my cup in less than ten seconds. Just give it a stir and enjoy!

I tried them for the first time while sitting out on my rear deck. I had my laptop and writing materials set up on the table so that I could write a bit. The weather wasn’t cold (because, well, it’s summer time) but we had a few rainy and overcast days recently so there was a tiny bit of chill in the light breeze that was present. A nice, warm cup of tea was just what I needed as I sat down to work.

Tea Drops

So, add this company to your list of options when purchasing tea for yourself or have a tea lover on your gift list for their birthday or the holidays (never too early to start preparing for that, am I right?) If you’re not sure what kind of tea your gift recipient likes, you can simply get a Tea Drops gift card, slip it in a nice new beverage mug and slip it in a gift bag. Done.

I love the story behind the creation of Tea Drops. It's true that sharing a cup or pot of tea with someone is something more than just a cup of tea, it's a shared experience and can promote community and wellness. Check out this YouTube video to learn more:


Are you (or do you know a) tea lover? Which flavor Tea Drops would you like to try?


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