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Wrapping, But Not Presents

I’m Sure You’ve Heard Of Wrapping, But I’m Not Talking About Presents!  This Is All About Your Intentions

Wrapping can mean many things.  You can mean wrapping presents, or wrapping certain art pieces, but I’m not talking about those.  This is a completely different kind and it can change your thoughts and possibly your life.  So what am I hinting at?  Well, MaeMarie Wraps is a company that sells wraps.  Now, that can be “bracelets” or “rings” but they’re all called wraps.  Why?  Because you actually use these and wrap them around whatever body part you’re decorating.  They sent me The Bark Luxe Wrap and it’s absolutely breathtaking!  You can use it on your wrist or wrap it around your neck, depending on how long you would like it to hang.  I love that you can use them so flexibly, it just depends on what you want.

The company talks about setting an intention before putting on your wraps.  Since each piece is hand-strung, it’s as original as you are.  How amazing is that?  Please remember that you are completely and beautifully unique!

Wrapping Up Your Intentions

As you wear your specially made wrap, just for you, you’ll be reminded of your intention every time you see it on your body.  What a wonderful way of saying positive words to yourself, which we all need to do more often.  It’s amazing to me that every single piece of jewelry they make is completely original and hand-strung!  So just because another person orders the same one like you, doesn’t mean they’re the same.  They’re as individual as each one of you.  Imagine what a special gift this would be to give to a loved one!

Are You A Bit Bigger?

I’m only brave enough to ask if you’re a little bigger than the “normal” person because I’m overweight.  My wrists and neck are bigger than a smaller person, which is ok because MarieMae has something just for us!  They have a category of A Bit Bigger Wraps and I absolutely love that!  It makes me feel included for sure.  This is when you know that a company is caring because they think about everyone.

I hope you go and purchase your own wrap.  They certainly have something for everyone!  Happy Holidays to you all.

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