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Wrinkles Gone in the Blink of An Eye (Or Just About)

I’ll be honest, I’m not one to prepare my clothes at night for the next day. Sometimes I wish I were. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a rush in the morning and couldn’t find clothing to wear because everything I found would have wrinkles from being in the drawer or from not being taken out of the dryer fast enough. And, when one is in a rush, who has time to whip out the ironing board and iron?  Not me. So, then my options are very limited. And, this is where Tom And Sheri’s Iron in a Bottle comes to the rescue!!

The Story Behind the Bottle

You’re probably asking, “What is Iron in a Bottle? And, who are Tom and Sheri?” Well, Iron in a Bottle is an innovative product that will save you frustration, time, and effort! It’s a spray bottle with a formulated product that gets the wrinkles out of your clothing without the iron and ironing board. So, the next time your clothing is all wrinkled and you’re in a rush, you can whip out your Tom and Sheri’s Iron in a Bottle and get your clothing ready in the blink of an eye (well, maybe not that fast, but close enough). Tom and Sheri are actually the parents of the founder of Tom & Sheri’s Iron in a Bottle. He named the company after them as they’ve been there for him as a source of “inspiration and support” (taken from product website).  Years ago, Sheri, the owner’s mother, created a recipe for a spray that enabled her to get the wrinkles out of her family’s clothing with just a few spritzes of her formula (and a bit of shaking and smoothing out the material). Her son’s friends kept wanting to borrow her formula and that’s when her son realized the world could benefit from Sheri’s great invention! Thus, the creation of Tom and Sheri’s Iron in a Bottle came to fruition!

Wrinkles Gone With Minimal Effort!

How does it work? It’s very simple to use and quick to provide results. Basically, you place your item to be “de-wrinkled” on a hanger or on a flat surface. Then, spray the item as directed. You then shake the item and smooth it out to pull out the wrinkles. Let your item dry and the wrinkles will disappear (or be mostly gone, hopefully).  For the tea towel below, I only sprayed and pulled on it slightly to get the results demonstrated in my pictures. It was truly so simple. (The first picture is before spraying and the second picture is after spraying and pulling on it lightly.)

Above picture is my tea towel before applying Iron in a Bottle.

Above picture is my tea towel after applying Iron in a Bottle.

I’ll be honest: I hate ironing. So, to have Iron in a Bottle is a lifesaver for me. I’m definitely going to keep it on hand for those mornings when I am in a bind and have to “de-wrinkle” something quickly so I can wear it without looking disheveled. I also plan on taking this when I travel (suitcases in my family are notorious for causing clothing to become wrinkled). And, what makes this product even better is that, according to the product’s website, it’s “all-natural, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, (and) made-in-America.”

Where to Purchase

To purchase Iron in a Bottle, you can visit the product website. They also have a shop on Amazon. This would make a wonderful gift for the college student in your life! It’s easy to pack and makes their life easier while away from home. Honestly, it’s a cool gift for anyone because we all wear clothes that are bound to be wrinkled some time or another! And, try some out for yourself! It’s a great product that’s useful to have on hand at home, at school, while traveling, and everywhere you go!

Connect with Tom & Sheri’s: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Amazon

Getting rid of wrinkles can be quick and easy (and without an iron)!