I am a busy mom who would love nothing more than to go to the gym on a regular basis. My 9 year old who plays baseball is now interested in weight lifting and would also love to go to the gym. However, like most mothers my schedule is full of to and froms. Traveling to Baseball, school, guitar lessons and toddler classes you name it I do it. So when I am finally home it's hard to make time to work out. When I do I really want it to count and be something that is going to help me build healthy muscles. With XBAR Fitness I have all the gym I need without any of my valuable home space being compromised. What makes the XBAR perfect is all the moves you can do with it: curls, rows, lateral raises, tricep extensions, push-ups, lunges, squats and so much more! This truly is like having one of those huge massive workout machines right at home! You can adjust the resistance simply by adding the band(s) of choice. Now I can customize my workout exactly how I want it and when my 9 year old wants to weight lift I can help him create the prefect workout for his needs without worrying about if my settings with get messed with. The complete 9-piece XBAR Fitness system includes:

  • The XBAR! – 34” long, lightweight metal XBAR with fully rotating end-cap swivels. and soft rubber grip.
  • 3 Resistance Bands – Green-5lbs, Red-8lbs, Blue-13lbs. Total of 26lbs of resistance per side.
  • 2Push- up docks– Solid rubber push-up docks that cradle the XBAR for dozens of ground and pound exercises
  • 1 Door Anchor – Enables XBAR bands to be gently and safely attached to the top, bottom or side of almost any door for dozens of pulling and pushing exercises
  • 1 Fitness Guide – with over 100 detailed XBAR exercises, and safety tips
  • 1 Cinch Sack – to keep all your accessories in

My favorite thing about the XBAR is it's portability at only 10lbs I can take it anywhere I wish. I am no longer stuck to inside or wherever the machine is that I am using (maybe a stinky old garage).  I can enjoy my backyard or any public space I wish to workout! That is a game changer for me! Now anyplace can be a gym. Baseball Practice, Guitar lessons you name it. All I need is my XBAR Fitness and I am ready to go! It's been a long while since I have felt fit and I cannot wait to use the XBAR to reach my new fitness goals!

Check out Xbar.com and have a look at the exercises and newest XBAR coming soon the Flyt.

Who do you know that would LOVE to own an XBAR?

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