I was incredibly excited to share my review of Xlear SparX Candy with you! Why? Well, it's all about getting healthier. If your kids are anything like mine they love candy. Heck, I don't blame them for that! There are some kinds of candy that I love! The problem is what the sugar does to our teeth. Cavities anyone? And some people are just more prone to cavities than others like my husband lol . So what could be better than a candy that is actually good for your teeth? Not much. And this is good for my nephew Devon , he loves candy.



So what makes Xlear SparX candy different? It's all in the ingredients! (and I'm not talking about nasty chemical ingredients!) The very first ingredient in Xlear SparX candy is xylitol. Xylitol is all natural and is derived from plants. It has been proven through much research that it is healthy and good for you teeth!

Xylitol doesn’t interfere with the body’s blood sugar levels or insulin production, making it safe for kids and adults on a sugar-controlled diet. Xlear SparX Candy is available in Berry, Citrus, and Fruit varieties; all are free of artificial colors and flavors. I bet the big question is how does it taste? My favorite is citrus. Yummy! It really tastes to me that this should be call Fruit SparX instead of Citrus. It tastes more like fruit flavors to me.The Fruit SparX actually taste sorta like banana flavor to me. They are good, I just prefer the Citrus SparX. Now this will not help you in a chocolate craving! This is more like you'd grab them instead of sweet tarts

Xlear SparX Candy

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