The internet has continued to create challenges for parents and hence more and more of them are being concerned about the digital habits of their kids. This is one of the many reasons why parents use parental controls to keep their kids away from online predators, cyberbullies, and other inappropriate content that the internet has made available.

Being one of such concerned parents, I realized that a mobile monitoring app can keep my worries at bay. I am going to share with you an app called Xnspy that helped me strike the right balance between respecting the privacy of my child and protecting them from cyberbullies, online predators, and teenage issues like sexting and mental health concerns.

Everyone today is socializing through smartphones. As a parent, I often used to question myself that how can I keep my kids in a safe environment and still let them explore technology. I don’t want to be the parent who grabs their kids’ phones and read their text messages or logs into their social media accounts to snoop on their online communications without their knowledge. That would make my kid feel like they have no privacy or they cannot socialize independently. It sucks when everything you are trying to do is meant for the safety of your kids but your children feel otherwise.


Xnspy gave me the opportunity to remotely watch over the online activities and communications of my kid and ensure they are making safe use of the internet and their phones. Let me walk you through this mobile monitoring app.


How does Xnspy work?

Xnspy is a simple mobile monitoring app. You don’t even have to install it on your kid’s iPhone. All you have to do is subscribe to the app, sign into your web account using the credentials provided, and then enter your kid’s iCloud credentials to pair Xnspy with their phone. The app will extract all the data from the iPhone’s iCloud and display it to you on a web account. Simple, isn’t it? In a short while, you will get a hang of how this app works.


How does the interface look like?

The app has a pretty user-friendly dashboard. You go to from your computer and enter your login credentials and you will land on this dashboard shown below:

Mobile monitoring features for parents

Now comes the part where I explain you how this iPhone Spy App really helps you keep your kid’s internet and smartphone usage safe:

  • Watch over their online browsing habits: Want to examine your kid’s web browsing habits? Xnspy can help with that. It allows you to check their web browsing history from their iPhone. Even if they delete something from their history, Xnspy will still show it to you. For parents worried that their child may be watching porn, this is a great opportunity to get to the bottom of the matter and stop it.
  • You can remotely control their phone: Xnspy allows you to control their iPhone from a remote location. For instance, you can view the list of apps on their device, block certain apps, lock their phones (I use this feature to limit screentime), and even wipe the data from the phone if you want to.
  • Monitor the social media usage: Parents should know what kind of conversations their kids are involved in when using social media. They may be bullied, trolled, shammed online and you don’t even know about it. Or they may be talking to an online predator, sharing confidential information with a stranger or maybe even friends with wrong people. They might not be ready to tell you about it. Xnspy lets you remotely assess their chats from Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessages, Skype, Tinder, Instagram and more. You can also view the multimedia files shared via these IMs. I wouldn’t recommend to always check on their social media but whenever your gut tells you something is wrong, Xnspy will give you the opportunity to check their IM chats directly from your dashboard.
  • GPS location tracking: If your kid always gets annoyed whenever you call him to check on where he is at, you will love this feature. Xnspy has a GPS location tracker that tells you the exact location of the person without having to call them. This is a smart feature for those parents who want to make sure their kids don’t hang out at places that are not appropriate for their age.

Apart from this, you can also set alerts on certain words regarded to sexting, drugs, alcohol cyberbullying or anything else that you are worried about to get notified whenever your child is being involved in that. Before investing in Xnspy, I checked its reviews myself and found it to be one of the top spy apps for iPhone. Surprisingly, this mobile monitoring app was not expensive. Its monthly subscription starts from $8 for the basic service. If you want advanced monitoring features, you can subscribe to Xnspy’s premium Edition that starts from $12 a month. Remember one thing: Even remote monitoring can make you paranoid with snooping. So, make sure you are involved in healthy monitoring. Do let your kids know that you are using a mobile monitoring app to watch over them.

Long story short, if you are worried about the digital exposure of your kids and the way they use their smartphone, this mobile monitoring app is worth investing your money in. There is a lot you can do with it to protect your kids online.


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