XShot is everything you need to take the perfect selfie in style! Comes in 6 different shades with a universal phone holder and a Bluetooth remote. I love selfie sticks because now I am in the pictures too. I am always the one missing out of the pictures because I am always the one taking them. Now I can get family pictures with me! I am so excited and love the remote that comes with this amazing kit.

A lightweight colored version of the traditional XShot extender, with the legendary XShot technology and reliability since 2007. Comes in 6 different shades with a universal Smartphone Holder and a Bluetooth remote. A sturdy and ultra compact selfie stick to fit in your pocket or bag anytime.Six brilliant colors in fully anodized aluminum construction.Incredibly light and compact design perfect to take anywhere.Quickly opens and stays in position at any length.Includes Bluetooth®-compatible remote shutter.Includes XShot premium phone holder for iPhone or Android.Extends reach by 31” / 79 cm & closes to 8” / 20cm.


XShot Deluxe Selfie Kit takes selfie sticks to a new level of ease. Me and bluetooth do not get along. For whatever reason I have so much trouble with bluetooth. This kit has no built in bluetooth which I LOVE! But you do get a separate so you can use with the selfie stick and it also helps you get a better more perfect shot. The shot that you really want but just can't get by yourself.  The grips are very nice and work great, even if your hands are sweaty or moist. I appreciate the wrist strap because I have hand weakness and have been known to drop things. With the wrist strap I don't have to worry about losing my phone or camera while using it.

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