Let's face it, the older we get, the worse we are. Not only can I not hear as well as I use too, but I can also barely see up close. Need to see and have my eyes checked, but until then I have been using glasses that are plus 150.  Readers. com has never let me down, and they have some of the best  and lowest prices I have to seen

Your able to pick the pair you want with no issues. As you see I got some girly ones, so Ray won't touch them.  Being able to get what you want is the best. From classic shape to bright colors, theses glasses are proven favorites. There is a guide on the website to get the best glasses for you face shape.

There is also a Glasses Guide so you can find the correct power for your reading vision. There is also an email program that you can join to be kept updated on their best selling glasses and when they restock these brands.

Boy, was I not seeing correctly with the strength I was using. I am so glad that I found this website and they have everything I need to find the right shape for my face and the right power so I can see clearly. I was getting headaches even with reading glasses as I was having a hard time finding the correct strength.

The Buttercup

Build me up, Buttercup. This adorable reader features a fun, floral print and spring hinges. The Buttercup can be worn as either a half frame or full frame.


The Edlund

Featuring a tortoise to pastel fade, The Edlund is a must have for making a statement. These plastic reading glasses have a trendy rectangular shape and sufficiently magnified lenses


The Emerald

Shine bright in The Emerald. This jewel-toned reader has a plastic front and metal temples with a spring hinge. The unique color options will be sure to turn heads.

See from the pictures these are all some great glasses. And I am so happy with them. I love all the different styles in regular reading glasses and sunglasses specifically for reading. Now, I have no problem reading outside. I love to sit outside and sometimes go out to the local park to sit and read and relax. Now, I don't have to squint and shade my eyes with one hand and hold my book or my e-reader with the other. I can just relax and enjoy the book that I am currently reading.

Boy is it the pits to get older but at least with these glasses, I don't have to worry that I am not reading every word including the fine print. Now, I can read documents and stuff myself instead of having to find someone to read for me. These glasses can also be coordinated to what you are wearing that day and everything else that is in your closet.

These glasses are going on my gift giving the list. And I will also be recommending them to all my friends, family and coworkers. I can't stop talking about these glasses.

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