YM a Universal Mother

Growing up mom was the one who struggled for us. Carrying us in the womb for nine months, staying up all night when we were sick for every ear ache, every fever. The one who cooked our meals and tucked us into bed at night. The one who bought us all the supplies we needed for school, and kept the house clean. Mom was there for all of it. She needs to be recognized for the mom she is and not forgotten. We as grown children, sometimes forget to call our moms now that we have our own independent lives. We only remember to call mom on her birthday, Mother's Day, and Holidays. Love YM understands the relationship us grown kids have with our moms and created the most appropriate products to portray it.

YM is Absurd and Funny

YM stands for Yiddishe Mame, a cute cartoon character that many of us could relate to as our Mom. She is the lovable authentic cartoon character that says everything your Mom has said to you at one point. She is funny and sincere. Her jokes are absurd. When calling Mom, She answers, “Oh, so you exist?” Giving us the enlightenment that we should call our Mother more often. The YM shop has mugs, cell phone cases, oven mitts, totes, t-shirts, magnets, and greeting cards. They say something or another of “If you have time to read this, you have time to call your mom.” Or “My children gave this t-shirt, then they disappeared.” It's sad but true, YM calls us out because we need to hear it. These are great gifts Mom would appreciate, because she wants you to remember her and not just on special holidays.

YM Classic Gifts

One of my favorite gifts is the magnet that can be hung on the fridge that says, “There's no diet in this house”. How hilarious is that? When Mom slaves over a hot burning stove all day, making family meals, then us ungracious kids say we are on a diet, how does that make Mom feel? Of course there is no diet in the house. We should all eat what Mom prepares and not make a fuss over it. I also love the YM Card Love All Stationary, one of them says “Love is all you need and bagels.” That couldn't be more true. We need love and a warm hearty snack to fill our bellies. YM is the Mom that does that for us. Our Moms do that for us, and these gifts are so representative of that relationship.

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