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Comfortable, Stretchy, and Flattering Yoga Pants

Now a days, most places you look, you will see a woman wearing some type of yoga leggings. Times have definitely changed, from bell bottoms, to baggy denims, to tight skinny jeans, now stretchy type athletic gear galore. There are many different types of yoga leggings, and some can be used particularly for yoga, while others are worn strictly for comfort. Not all women who wear yoga pants are into yoga, but that’s okay, because women deserve to be comfortable, and yoga gear offers just that. Soaring Frog is such a fun site that has yoga pants to tickle your interests.

The Soaring Frog Yoga Pants

Soaring Frog sounds like a silly name for yoga pants. But if you think about it, what do you look for in yoga pants? You want them to be super soft, stretchy, and comfortable. You want to be able to move, stretch and jump with minimal restriction. That is what Soaring Frog offers! My favorite aspect is being able to bend over in my stretchy clothes without having them rip apart or worse yet be so see through from being stretched out too much. I don’t want anyone to see my unflattering aspects. But with Soaring Frog, the material has a four way stretch, meaning there is protection to stretch as far as needed both cross and lengthwise.

So Stretchy and Comfortable

Soaring Frog yoga pants are eighty-two percent polyester and eighteen percent spandex. With myself, I am normally an extra large or double extra large, so I was hesitant to try on my size medium Soaring Frog yoga pants. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I could fit into them without them making me feel uncomfortable. I loved how my thighs slipped passed each other, and how my tummy was held into place from bouncing too much all over. That has a lot to do with the raised waistband. The band never once rolled down on me and I did not feel that I had a camel toe. The yoga pants are designed to be precision cut and hand sewn after printing.

Beautiful Prints

There are a lot of beautiful prints to choose from at Soaring Frog. My print is the Crystal Mist Yoga Leggings, size medium. I am five feet seven inches tall and the pants cover up to my ankles. I could tell that this gear would last me a long time as the microfiber yarn contoured with my body.

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