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I love taking pictures of my daughter and the things we do together. I even just bought a new phone with a larger memory so I could take even more photos! Every year I gift an arrangement of photo's to family members of our previous years activities and I also like to make unique arrangements for our family too. Why?? Because when my daughter graduates from High School I plan on displaying all these unique photo ideas on a table for everyone to see how she grew into the amazing woman she is. Awesome Box is one of the ways I am creating keepsakes of our adventures.

Awesome BoxAwesome Box is a keepsake box filled with cards of your photos. You can do a box of 25, 50 or 100! I really enjoyed making our box for my daughter. I took pictures from our Disney World vacation and I wrote a little caption on the back. Even the backs of the pictures can be designed by you! And each card is individual so you can customize each one to be completely different from each one. In the end you will end up with 25, 50 or 100 cards that are one a kind keepsake creations made by you.

Awesome Box CardsCreating an Awesome Box is fun but time-consuming. First, you will need to create an account and decide how big of a box you would like to make. Next, you will upload your personal photos one at a time and design the back of each card with colors, accents and personalized quotes. You can always do this in stages by saving your work and coming back at a later time to complete it. Once you've designed all your cards and reviewed them it's time to order! Delivery is fairly fast and they will send you updates throughout the whole process. You will know when your cards are being printed, when they ship and when they will arrive. I liked being able to receive updates of where the Awesome Box was in the process. Then when your box arrives it comes in a keepsake box ready to gift!

You can create your own Awesome Box online any time of day or year.

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