Saunas are known to improve blood circulation by elevating heart rate up to a degree that is comparable to the boost in heart rate achieved after a mild to moderate exercise session. As a result, sessions in a sauna can reduce pain, stress, symptoms of psoriasis, asthma, and might even lower the chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease. However, did you know that in order to sweat and experience the benefits of sauna, you don’t necessarily need to be in a sauna? It is possible to attain many of the benefits associated with sauna rooms, without even having to be in one. To understand what we are talking about here and how you can make use of that, go through the following methods that are known to provide sauna-like effects.

Switch Off the Air-Conditioning When You Work Out

If you work out at home and the weather outside is warm and humid, simply switch off the air-conditioning and even the fans during your workouts and it should start to feel like a sauna in no time. Keep in mind that it is not advised in extreme temperatures or for prolonged periods of time, but when you are following a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program, the short, sweaty bouts could be extremely productive and it won’t last long enough to be counterproductive either. If you mostly workout in a public gym and this is not an option, keep some of your HIIT sessions reserved for home where you can control the environment.


Wear a Sauna Vest in the Gym

As we discussed in the previous point, it isn’t always possible to control the temperature in your gym as it’s a public place, but the sauna vest perfectly counters that problem. Kewlioo makes this awesome sauna vest that makes the body sweat by as much as triple the normal rate, even while you are working out in temperature-controlled environments. The comfortable and stretchy vest is almost like a portable sauna, and the compression fit also tucks in loose fat, giving the body better posture and shape.

Try Cling Film

Before we proceed with explaining the method, it needs to be understood that using cling film to sweat and lose weight isn’t healthy in the long run and is only meant to help people lose some water weight fast. In fact, the slight weight loss won’t even be long-term. Having said that, cling film can be wrapped in a few layers around your waist or any other fat-prone body part while working out intensely (cardio/HIIT) to create a temporary sauna-like effect. This method is predominantly used by athletes to make weight classes and once you start replenishing your fluids again, the weight will come back. Nonetheless, the elevated heart rate and sweating can help you get some of the same benefits expected from a sauna session.  You can also try using infrared sauna blanket to experience its benefits.

Workout in the Park During Summer

A lot of people work out outside during the summer months to simulate the sauna room, but it is even better because in an outdoor environment there is fresh air and greenery around to make the workouts healthier. Wear your sauna vest while you go for a jog in the park or for an intense session of freeletics and you will probably be sweating even more than you would in a sauna. Avoid direct sunlight and exercising outside on particularly hot days though.

You can still get in a session in the sauna every once in a while, but now that you know how to get similar effects without having to pay for expensive sauna sessions, you don’t really need sauna rooms anymore.

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