If you are starting a new company, or even are an already sizable existing company, and are looking to grow, podcasts are a great tool that you need to consider utilizing for your business or brand. There are many benefits of streaming podcasts that will help any business with their audience. Here are a few of the reasons for your business to get on the microphone.

An alternative way of advertising

Podcasts are perfect ways to advertise your business. It provides a more engaging environment where you can seamlessly include your business or product in your series or shows. This means that your advertisements are already finding the ears of customer listeners, instead of being broken for unrelated shows or videos that many are keen to skip. With podcasts, you are more likely to have your adverts heard because people are listening to you hands-free and multitasking, whereas streaming videos, you can actively skip commercials since you mostly provide all your attention to them.


A podcast is similar to other forms of media that involve video and visuals, with typically cheaper operating costs. Take news shows, talk shows, or current events for example. Many of these categories relay information that doesn't always need visuals to relay their importance. The visuals are there for support, but the fact can still get through. With podcasts, you get the same information but cut out the operating costs of visual sets, cameras, studio space, a wardrobe, editing equipment, and work. This means that you save money and time. Podcasts are generally cheaper projects, but Wired Clip shows a range in prices. There are many packages to consider depending on the size of your audience, and this will also factor in the amount of money you spend. There is also the bonus of monetizing or earning from your podcasts.

Builds community for your consumers

Having a podcast for your business allows you the opportunity to connect with your consumers or clients better. It is a more engaging experience on both ends, allowing you and your audience to have open and real-time conversations. Similar to video, hearing a voice provides a more personal touch and allows your clients to feel more connected to you as well.

Engages your audience

Podcasts are a great way to keep your audience engaged. In addition to the ways they can interact through calls, or email to connect with your show, your business should be running podcasts in conjunction with other social media campaigns and constant content on your websites and webpages. This engagement that directs people to your site will create positive traffic that can translate easily into listeners becoming customers. Also, having a podcast in the background allows your audience to peruse and browse the rest of your site while they listen to you. This allows for maximum retention and listener engagement.

Connections with others in the Industry

Having a podcast tied with your business will not only allow you to grow with an audience and potential customers, but you will also have the potential to connect with other industry professionals and have the increased chances of growing your businesses through connections as well. This is possible because you have the opportunity to bring on guests to your podcasts, which will highlight their strengths and allow them to share their experiences. This then gives you the chance to better connect with these professionals moving forward as business contacts, helping you grow, and even solidifying relationships for your business.

Evokes expertise

A podcast is a perfect complement to your business, especially if you are a smaller one that is still growing. This gives you a platform to share and express your level of expertise. If your company provides certain services such as animal care, or home renovation, talking about these subjects, providing how-to knowledge, or making fun suggestions, helps build your brand with your audience, and provides them some insight on your level of expertise. If your company sells certain goods like sportswear, then having segments that discuss sports and the benefits of different products and practices gives your listeners the confidence that you are knowledgeable about what goes into the sport and what is important. This translates to the listener and possible customer that you are not merely a salesperson selling them something, but are providing a service and are trying to help them.


Starting a podcast isn’t done just for mere enjoyment or entertainment, there are many reasons why businesses should consider them and how they would benefit. This is particularly true for smaller companies and brands that are looking to grow with a more dedicated and engaged community of consumers that want their voices heard.


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