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There are so many new and exciting things out today, but how do you know what is the best thing for your child today , technology has really made a big impact on things of today.

Meet Dash , he's a robot just for your child. Playtime just got smarter with Dash & Dot. Learn to code as you play with your new robot friends and all of their add-ons.;The robots arrive fully assembled and ready to play.

We simply love this guy, we have Devon playing and learning at the same time. No books or camps needed! Giving your child the chance to have a fun time, as well as learning too.  Use your Apple or Android smart phone or tablet to program Dash to move, dance, light up, make sounds, avoid obstacles, and even react to their voice. With the revolutionary free app Wonder, kids can program Dash to be the real robot pet, pal or sidekick of their dreams.


Love how it can do so many things, and makes it all fun, the apps feature built-in challenge tutorials that teach you how to program Dash from the very beginning of each program! Forget robot camp – you can easily learn Blockly and Wonder right in the app!  Ready to play right of out of the box, Dash can speed around the house, lights blinking, wheels squealing. Dash comes with free coding apps on phones and tablets. The minute we took him out of the box, he was ready to go. Devon got a thrill out of him, and the look of happiness makes it all worth it,

With so much happening in the world, a little joy for a child is the best thing for them. There are also some great add-ons for Dash, Program Dash to follow a path at the racetrack, on a farm, or in the big city. Unlock special abilities, record your voice for Dash to play along the way, and discover new sounds and animations as you explore.

Our favorite feature is that we can have him , go through a course and make it.  A great gift for your child if you want them, to have fun and learn too.

Would your child love Dash?

You can get your Dash or others here.


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