As early as is possible when the weather breaks and it is not below freezing anymore, I ditch my shoes and my feet escape their prison and it is time for flip flops again. I absolutely love my flip flops.  Being in New Jersey I do not get the luxury of being able to wear flip flops year round or else I would, but believe me my time in confined shoes is kept to a minimum as from as early as March (although this year it was more like May) until October or November (depending on how early the temperature dips) I live in flip flops. And while your getting shoes you can get some new Eco Friendly Thongs, a good way to feel like your helping the environment.

The only problem with flip flops that they really don't have much support obviously but since I have no issues with my feet luckily that is not so much of a deterrent, but the thinness of the bottom sometimes is.  When I was younger I used to walk around barefoot and not think twice about it, whether it be in the house or outside.  If I did wear my flip flops outside it was on any surface, sand, concrete, rocks, grass, well, you get the idea.  I also did a lot of walking around especially when I was on vacation and sometimes the flip flops were not the best walking companion for my feet.

When I found the Oofos brand I immediately noticed that it said it absorbs shock.  This was great for me because like I mentioned, I walk yet am not willing to give up the freedom that flip flops give my feet.  The first time I put them on I could feel a major difference.  First off, it was like my feet were on a cushion.   I do not find flip flops uncomfortable per se, but after wearing these I could feel a notable difference.  Then I walked.  Literally I could not feel the ground – and by that I mean flip flops are usually so thin on the bottom that you can feel everything when you step, and this was so cushioned that it was actually nice when I stepped.  It also said it reduces the stress on feet, knees, and back, and while I cannot attest scientifically I could say that my feet were not killing me when I was done walking a long distance like at the zoo (sometimes I would change over to sneakers if I knew I was doing a lot of walking but more often than not I was stubborn,  it was warm and I did not want to wear sneakers so I could sweat and smell them up so I just rolled the dice with my pain).

They are nice looking, they are comfortable, and they feel like every step you take is cushioned.  The best part about Oofos is that not only do they have flip flops but they also have sandals and sneakers (which I had to grab for the colder weather where I would have to have my feet confined) which are immediately just a comfortable and feels like your feet are being pampered.  When I take my walks in the park which has a lot of uneven pavement, rocks, grass, etc., now I really feel a difference overall.  I used to have to cut my walks through the park short because sometimes I would have such pain in my feet even with sneakers and now I can walk for a longer amount of time without my feet starting to hurt which is awesome.  You can see all the footwear available here.

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