Your Guide To Concrete Sealers

While concrete is as durable as a material can be, there are possibilities and instances in which concrete may show imperfections. These imperfections are largely a result of either improper maintenance or heavy use and would require Concrete Repair Services Milwaukee to remove them. Often it cannot be avoided, roads and side-walks often see a lot of wear and tear due to their sheer use, your concrete will see the same wear in due time. Hence, in order to protect concrete from such damage, we should use good-quality concrete sealers.

What is a concrete sealer?

Concrete sealer is essentially a finished product that is applied over surfaces made out of concrete. It protects the concrete from damage and maintains the concrete surface in the long run. In addition to that, concrete sealer also gives surfaces made of concrete a sheen and an attractive finish. They protect concrete surfaces from damage caused by water, traffic, dirt, chemicals, etc.

Advantages of using concrete sealer

Using a concrete sealer has a number of advantages such as:

  1. Concrete sealers protect surfaces made out of concrete and maintain their life in the long run
  2. Concrete sealers give surfaces made out of concrete an attractive shine and finish
  3. Concrete sealers make surfaces made out of concrete easier to clean
  4. Create sealers protect any stamped or painted concrete surfaces, and protect the color or print in the long run

Different types of concrete sealants

Concrete sealants can be categorized into two basic types which are:

  1. Penetrating concrete sealers

Penetrating concrete sealers sink into the pores within concrete – concrete has a number of pores which tend to retain moisture which leads to damaging the concrete surface. When penetrating concrete sealers sink into concrete pores, they block off the entry of all other substances and hence protect the concrete while increasing its life. Additionally, penetrating concrete sealers do not change the appearance of the concrete surface in any way. 

  1. Topical concrete sealers

Topical concrete sealers form a coating on the top of the surface made of concrete. They have adhesive qualities that make them excellent sources of barriers over concrete and provide them protection from sunlight, corrosion, water and chemicals. Additionally, topical concrete sealers create a layer over the surface made out of concrete and give it a different finish. 


Within these two basic types, you have more categories of concrete sealers which include acrylic concrete sealers, epoxy concrete sealers and polyurethane concrete sealers. If you are confused due to the types and categories of concrete sealers and cannot decide which one to purchase for your use, you should opt for clear concrete sealers at Hychem which are the best possible type for every use and surface made out of concrete.

While concrete and its protection may not seem like a topic that you would usually choose to learn about, it is actually very important for our country’s infrastructure. All structures and buildings that you see around you are made of concrete and hence their protection is important at all costs. Corrosion in concrete due to moisture and other external factors can damage structures, lead to road accidents and cost management a lot of money in repairs. Hence, it is important that we take the right measures to protect concrete by using good quality sealers.

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