I wish that when I was small my parents had kept more then just pictures of me. They did keep ohs recordings but over time they were so old they would break. We didn’t have time to put them on cd to save them. My mom did however keep a memory book for me.

Tells me when I first started walking, teething, first word and more. It is funny to see how close your children are to you when it comes to milestones. Recently I had the come across a keepsake book it is from birth to age 18. It is called Your Life In Letters.

Not only do you place pictures in the book for every year there are also envelopes to keep a letter written from you. Whether it be about them growing up, about a lost one, how they got hurt, a silly story about something they did or said.

It reminds me that I want to write my son a letter and remind him of the story when we were down the shore. He doesn’t like to touch any insects, bugs or anything dirty.

Well, we were witting on the beach with my mom who is disabled and she has a hard time moving. She was sitting on the beach blanket telling him if you dig far enough you will see little crabs. Well, he didn’t believe her.

So he was digging for a few minutes and came across a crab. Out of nowhere he picked it up and put it on her and yelled eww! She jumped up as fast as she could without hurting herself. We laughed so hard because it was so unexpected of him to even touch it.

It is a memory I will never forget. These letters do not have to be just written by you. Did someone have a favorite story about your child they would like to share? I know if I ask my sister she is going to have a lot of stories for him.

When he is an adult I will give him this book and he will be able to have these stories and maybe be able to look back and remember them or Maybe his kid will have done something similar. This is a great way to keep stories going.

Maybe his kids will share this book with their children when he is gone.

You can find this book at your local Target, BuyBUy Baby or Bed Bath & Beyond. Find more about Your Life In Letters.



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