Your ultimate guide to Indian Ethnic Dresses for Parties

After being in existence for thousands of years, Indian clothing for women has now gone beyond the borders of India and become an international trend of fashion. The different fabrics and techniques used in the designs have made them desirable to women all around the world, Indian or not. Indian ethnic dresses are often characteristic of vibrant colors, bold and catchy patterns, plenty of embroidery and plenty of beautiful fabric. In most cases, Indian ethnic clothing for special occasions is usually coupled with studded statement jewelry pieces and high heel sandals. Today, Indian fashion has become a staple on the red carpet. There are many new design concepts and ideas that have merged the beauty of traditional Indian wear with 21st century fashion trends.




When it comes to weddings, the Indian fashion culture is all about dressing up and showing out. Indian weddings are often characterizes by brilliantly colored fabrics, plenty of embroidery, beautiful cuts and a lot of jewelry to complement the look. This is why ethnic wear like sarees and lehengas make it to the top of the list. There are specially designed bridal lehengas and sarees for the brides that often feature plenty of bedazzling and jewelry work. However, as an attendee to the ceremony, you can choose something equally attractive and sophisticated but with a little less pomp.

Indo-Western events

The influence of the west is quite notable in the east today. With the development of the Indian movie industry, Bollywood, events such as award shoes and red carpet premiers have become quite common. Enter the Indo-western clothing, a fashion trend that integrates elements of the west into traditional Indian fashion. Party wear kurtis online for instance, are a little different from the traditional kurta. You can exclude the leggings, leaving you with a beautiful form fitting long shirt with neckline and sleeve length of your desire. Even saree, lehengas and salwars feature a hint of western influence in such events.



Office Parties and formal events

Salwar Kameez and Kurtas offer a little more cover up and modesty in appearance compared to sarees and lehengas, making them ideal for more formal events like office parties. Although originally a work outfit, salwar kameez and kurti are available in more elegant high fashion designs for such occasions. Coupled up with a statement piece of jewelry like a necklace or bracelet and high-heeled shoes, you can look great, ethnic but professional as well for such formal events.

Casual ceremonies

Casual ceremonies include birthdays, dinners and get-togethers where dressing up is not very necessary. In such events, any of the traditional Indian dresses can apply depending on the nature of the occasions. You can choose a much less adorned version of the Indian ethnic wear and go for less bold prints. Fabrics such as

silks, chiffon and cotton are often ideal, depending on the weather. You can even experiment with plunging necklines in different designs to enhance the look.


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