Around the holiday season I wrack my brain trying to figure out things to send to people that are far away that I do not get to see around Christmas.  I do not want to forget about them but to buy presents and ship them myself can get mighty expensive, plus who has the time to do that,  so I end up getting them gift baskets or a gift box.  I look and look for different types of gift baskets but they pretty much are the same old thing – wine, cookies, fruits, crackers, cheese,  you get the idea.


When I heard about Mangobelly I thought it was a box of mangoes.  Seriously, I did.  Maybe that just says more about me and my brain than anything, but that is what I assumed so when I saw their “You're a Gem” Bellybox I was instantly curious.

There were no mangoes at all! Rather, you get a small box that holds a great surprise.  In the box are instructions with 9 items, including mini oysters with pearls (now you know why you have instructions and I assume why it was called “gem”), and a necklace to put them on.


You can get more information about the You're a Gem Bellybox by watching this YouTube video  and you also get some more things in there but of course they are not going to tell you everything you get because they need to have some surprises!

Obviously this might be a better gift box for a woman but if you get it for a couple, I am sure that the man is going to love opening the oysters and extracting the pearls and then the woman gets to reap the benefits!  It is not your ordinary gift box that you see all the time and ends up being forgotten about or gone in a few days.  You get the experience of making something yourself and something that lasts forever after you are done.

Check out Mangobelly for this box and other choices.  They even have subscription boxes!

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  1. Super fun!!! We love this box!!!

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