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My husband Adam has recently started taking callagen. Th first one is callagen type 1 & 3 which promotes healthy aging, supports bone health, great for ligaments & tendons, and also rejuvenated hair.
Men's callagen advanced is the protein that binds cells together. It is our body's key structural protein for creating strong and healthy muscle, tendons, and ligaments. The added ingredients in men's callagen rejuvenated your hair. Men's callagen is critical to the formation and ongoing health of your body. Stay strong and youthful as you age with you theory men's callagen advanced.
My husband says his hair seems healthier since taking these vitamins.
He has also been taking joint callagen. Which he broke his knee a while ago and you usually hear a popping sound when he foes to lay in bed. His knee is sore. He said these callagen pills help reduce the pain and popping.
Joint callagen advanced formula restore cartilage and joint function, accelerate joint maintenance, and cardiovascular support.
Youtheory men's joint collagen brings all the elements needed to sustain healthy joints. The wear and tear on joints can cause pain. Our innovative formula of callagen type 2, chondroitin and hyaluronic acis helps restore cartilage and joint function. You theory  men's formula delivers bro melanin to accelerate joint maintenance.


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We have added cardiovascular supporting cinnamon to transport these healthy ingredients to the joints. The high quality ingredients are blended to help fight joint degradation and stiffness. Plus ginger to assure your digestive system accepts these nutritious elements. Every component in you theory men's joint collagen supports healthy joints. Start feeling the benefits today.Whether you're 25 years old, 37, 52 or 60 your age tells a story. So proudly claim it. Because with your confidence and our collagen we can help you age beautifully. Youtheory collagen gives you healthy hair, skin, and nails while keeping your muscles strong for a beauty that is timeless. Beauty does get better with age. For more information click here.

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