All I can say is wow have times changed, I remember the days when you couldn’t even think about getting some moonshine, but nowadays you can go into a liquor store and find it sitting on a shelf for you to purchase for your enjoyment. Lord knows there are so many varieties to choose from and lots of different distributors to choose from, so of course, you find yourself wondering which one is the best! Me being from the country and having lots of back wood parties, sometimes you happen to come across someone who would break out a bottle of shine in that little ole mason jar and then asks do you want a sip of some shine, and of course you are like hell yeah!  Then, of course, you are asking them where they got it, as you are taking that sip of clear liquid that is burning as it goes down,  but it tastes so damn good as you are feeling so warm from the heat of the shine going down. I have always loved me some moonshine, normally I am a whiskey girl, but if you are offering me some moonshine this girl is going to partake for sure, I would never turn it down. Back then you couldn’t choose what flavor you wanted it was pretty much plain clear shine in a mason jar bottle. Now you can choose from so many different varieties, ones with cherries in them, strawberries, peaches, of course, the flavors, so many to choose from, one of my favorite, of course, is Apple Pie yummy is all I can say. I have tried a few different distributors but I find my favorite is the Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine, their moonshine speaks for itself, it is so good words can not even describe it, it tastes just like apple pie, its so smooth.  To me it is “scrumpdillyicious” , now that is a word!  


If you haven’t tried Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine yet, you have to indulge, it is the true moonshine experience. The Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine was the first federally licensed distillery in the history of East Tennessee.   The Co founder of Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine is a gentleman by the name of Joe Baker, and is Appalachian born and raised. I haven’t had the privilege of going to the distillery but they say from the moment you walk in “The Holler” which is a special name they have for the distillery you can smell all the cooking and fermenting grains, to seeing all the authentic working moonshine stills.  All I can say is you know you are stepping into the real deal.  “The Holler” is one of the most visited distillery and produces all of our signature flavors. When visiting their wonderful website and looking over all the different flavors you will also notice that they have them broken up by the proof of the shine, they go from 100+ which is the good stuff for mixing and flavoring,  to your 60-100 which they consider their Straight up for a kick of Shine, and of course they have there 35-60 proof which they are Sweet and easy Sippin, they also do have limited addition ones that sound so yummy, pineapple, sweet tea, and pumpkin pie, oh my god that has to be absolutely delicious is all I can say. You can order some on line, but there are some that you can buy in your state of residency which you can put your zip code in and find out, or when you visit the distillery, you can purchase there. Also if you do visit “The Holler” you can partake in $5.00 samplings of some homegrown shine! I hope one day to get down to  “The Holler”  so I can try out the Chocolate Cherries Moonshine, they look delicious, three of my favorite things in one jar, Maraschino cherries, moonshine, and milk chocolate, the result chocolate covered cherry flavored moonshine, OMG! But till then my favorite right now is Apple Pie, all I can say it was good to the last drop!



You could purchase this moonshine through local retailers near you and also please visit their website at http://www.olesmokymoonshine.com, it is worth the visit as is the distillery.  Some day I will visit them in Gatlinburg, Tennessee that is a promise!

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