Yummy Keto Bites And Cookies

Try These Yummy Keto Bites And Cookies – Something That Tastes This Good Can't Be Good For You…Or Could It?

Do you know how we trick kids into eating foods that are good for them?  Well, after becoming an adult, you know we all have the ability to eat whatever we want to.  Unfortunately, this means that we can choose good foods or goodies that are bad for us.  I tend to eat things that taste good, which usually means something that has a lot of sugar or carbs.  Well, now I have found some yummy keto bites and cookies that are good for you!  When I first received the ChipMonk Cookie Bites in Red Velvet, I wasn't sure I'd like them.  I've tried various keto foods but I've never found anything I really wanted to keep eating.  Until now!  Their full cookies and the small bites are absolutely amazing.

Yummy Keto Bites And Cookies

Keto Bites And Cookies

So, I didn't explain that ChipMonk sent me the Red Velvet Cookie Bites, but they also sent some with the amazing flavor of Cinnabun.  I was also able to try their Chocolate ChipMonk Cookie and White Chocolate Macadamia.  The cookies are soft-baked, chewy, and flavorful in addition to having 6 yummy flavors to choose from.  If you're looking for a low carb treat, this is it!  So how do they get that sugary, full flavor?  Well, they use almond flour and sweeten it with Monk Fruit.  Oh, and not only do they have a 100% money-back guarantee, but they also have 1 to 4g of net carbs, in addition to 1g of sugar (or less!).

Yummy Keto Bites And Cookies

Their treats are perfect for all kinds of diets, such as keto, low carb, and low sugar.  If you have a loved one looking for amazing goodies that taste delicious, look no further!  Of course, you can also purchase them as a special gift for yourself too.

Yummy Keto Bites And Cookies

The holidays are sneaking up on us, are you ready?  Well, I'm certainly not.  However, these treats would make great gifts for anyone.  As a matter of fact, you could even make a special goodie basket for someone you love.  Imagine getting that for Christmas!

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