Everything now and days is getting more compact televisions, phones and now bows and arrows. The zano bow and arrow set from zing air is a great and compact toy for kids ages  four years and up. When some companies go small they go nano. At zing they go zano. Introducing their new zano bow. An all new bow and arrow combo that is a third of the size of the best selling a Z-curve bow. But the are still using the  zing launch system technology. The zartz arrows fly super straight. This set is parent approved. The arrows launch over thirty feet. They will also stick to almost any flat surface with their soft flat suction cup tips.
This is going to be my husbands new favorite toy. Him and I play with the guns and bows with the kids. He has his own arsenal of foam darts and bullets for his bows and guns. I am surprised he hasn't braught them to work yet. So he can get some target practice in.
This zano bow by zing air is going to be a hot gift this year. The price is reasonable at $9.99. It is available at for more information click here.



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