Zap Dog Hair From Clothes With FurZapper

We all love pets, but with the love of those pets comes the dreaded hair and its removal process. I know that I have spent a pretty penny and a good amount of time removing pet hair from our clothes . Especially the black ones. With the FurZapper, you no longer have to find that misplaced lint brush. It does the work for you! Zap dog hair from clothes with FurZapper.


The FurZapper works to remove pet hair from your clothes while you wash and dry them. It is safe for all garments. It is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, re-usable and self cleaning! What more could you want! With its sticky consistency, it grabs lint and hair from garments and helps to wash it down the drain or into your lint trap.

How it works

It is really simple concept. You place the FurZapper into the wash with your clothes. You then transfer the FurZapper into the dryer with your clothes to dry. There is simply no need to clean the FurZapper. It washes in the next wash, so you can toss it into your next load!

What we found

We love this product. As the mom of the house, I tend to do the most laundry. We have two large dogs that shed a ton of hair. No matter what you clean with, there is still hair lingering and it inevitably ends up on our clothes or blankets etc. I’ve noticed a huge difference while using these and they have taken off the amount of hair that is on our clothes tremendously!

You may find this product on the link provided throughout this post.

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