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Ah resting and centering my chakra is absolutely necessary. We all know that bad energy although invisible to the naked eye is actually taxing on the body. Are you a believer of the energy of the moon and crystals? To me they are real and that’s why I support Zennboxx. They promote healing, therapy, and provide an uplifting feeling for your psyche. I definitely need that! This year has been quite the challenge for all of us.

A Blend for Healing

Zennboxx offers a crystal bath therapy. All the crystals in their collection are a blend of organic, healing sea salts. They are mixed in with therapeutic-grade essential oils which offer a very heavenly scent. The ideal time to use Zennboxx crystals is during a full moon. That is when it is most optimal for your body to absorb minerals.  Did you also know that during a new moon, is when your body is cleansed and new energy is brought back to you?

zennboxx one

That’s why ZennBox does moon bathing for your pleasure. You can unwind and reach a sense of peace using the crystal charged moon bath. I love how the experience leaves me feeling purified. My favorite is the Citrine bath. It has the best Himalayan pink salt formula with organic citrus oil.  Also mixed in are organic orange and lemon peels. Feeling the citrus coat my body allows me to relax better, because the energy emitted is to stop cancer and provide antioxidant benefits.

I love the smell of the Citrine bath. What I get is relief from stress, depression, and the motivation to eat better and work out. Not to mention that the orange and lemon peels are filled with vitamin C. The vitamin helps boost my immune system. Also packed in is calcium and bioflavonoids. So if you are looking for physical benefits, this one is a good choice. Inside the bath salts are also three crystals for healing that you keep and use again later.

The citrine cluster is there for emotional as well as physical benefits. I feel so much happier just looking, touching, feeling, and smelling my bath set. Anyone can benefit from the love of these healing crystal moon baths. Just let go, relax, and enjoy.

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