Zero water makes a tumbler that you are able to filter water when you are on the go. When I go to my parents I do not like drinking their water as it tastes like choline. You can actually smell the difference as I have well water. With the zero water tumbler you have 5 levels of filtration. The 26 oz bottle delivers pure tasting water wherever you are.  Zero water is the only filter action system on the market that meets FDA requirements for total dissolved solids purified bottled water.


You can definitely taste the difference. I think it tastes better then even bottled water. I went shopping today and really needed a drink. I filled up the tumbler with water from my parents sink. It tasted great. I usually don't drink the water from their house as it usually smells like chlorine. The tumbler purified the water.  You can find the zero water tumbler at many national retailers across the USA and Canada. For more information click here.


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